Wiscoy Falls

Day off #1 at Csehy, with Alex, Tim, Hannah, and Sarah. Days off were a wonderful new thing for me as a counselor, times to sleep in, not have to get campers out of the dorm on time, and not have any duties. I always went to Singtime and often to whatever ensemble I was in that week, and Frisbee, but other than that tended to keep to myself or go hiking! The first week Alex took us to Wiscoy Falls, about five minutes from campus.

{it wasn’t that hot out, but this felt SO good!}

I loved all the layers of falls – it was so beautiful to watch up close and from a distance as you went up one set, crossed a flat area and then went up more falls. We played in and behind the falls, clambered up steep slopes, and got soaked through… and then were bouncing hanging onto tree branches when Alex hyper-extended his knee and we had to go back very slowly. It was the first of three knee injuries that week, but God was faithful in providing the strength they needed and the people we needed to fill in for them if necessary… but that doesn’t mean the knee injuries were any fun.
After Wiscoy we ate lunch – shivering and disgusting in the dining hall – then went off to Moss Lake, which you’ll hear about later, since I went there five times during Csehy and is my favorite, so I’m saving it for the last of these hikes.


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