Houghton Trails

Day off week 2 – After lunch, Alex took Sarah and I on a two and a half hour hike on the trails by Houghton College. Lots of exploring and cutting across streams, up and down hills. The problem when you’re the shortest, the most cautious, AND the one with the camera is that you often fall behind… which does make for great pictures.

Through waist-high ferns

We really wanted to go down and across but were running out of time.

And after some time planning for skit night with my girls, I went and hung out in the creek before sitting in on a theory class that was mind-blowing.

And we ended the day after Skit Night and devos with a short jaunt to the Field of Dreams to see the stars.


4 thoughts on “Houghton Trails

    • Kyleian says:

      You don’t even know how refreshing it is. I was eating it all up. That and clouds. Cloud pictures are coming… eventually. I have to finish a poem first. 😉


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