Letchworth State Park

Angela, Jonathan, and I asked Lauren if we could have the day off together because we wanted to explore at Letchworth. We go as a camp every year but can never go very far and in 2012 we got to the footbridge and had to turn around – so we wanted to see beyond the bridge. Our wish was granted and the three of us, along with Sarah, drove out to Letchworth. I had done some research on the trails before we went, but eventually we decided to wander as we wanted rather than decide on a set trail.

We stopped at Inspiration Point, eating (of course), talking, looking for/quoting scripture – we were trying to find Ezekiel 43:2, about the voice of God being like many waters.

{Little sister is finally taller higher than big brother}

The view from the footbridge

We found a muddy trail that went down by this waterfall and decided to go for it. We didn’t realize how muddy and slippery the trail was until we were going down it. There weren’t a whole lot of hand or footholds on the way down, and some of us ended up sliding partway down and very muddy.

Then we went down the waterfall to this beautiful glade, where we sat enjoying the breeze and stillness and skipping rocks.

We went back up and Jonathan was putting his hands in the waterfall and told us how great it felt, so we all went up and did it, too – and the whole experience ended with me getting soaked from splashing. Angela had my camera and was taking pictures of this mushroom like we were standing on it, and then she was taking pictures of wildlife.

At the top, wishing for a safe way to ride the waterfall

30-second self timer + Jonathan sprinting = group photo on the footbridge.

And then Jonathan decided to jump off.

After that we went back on campus to clean up and change so we could go to sing time straight after Moss Lake and dinner (cooked by Brian). It was a very peaceful and relaxing day, full of fun, fellowship, and prayer – our conversation together was challenging, solid, and encouraging. I’m sure thoughts from those will appear on here eventually, but the basic summary was the gospel, siblings, and raising children with the gospel as the focus but still walking in holiness, and about guy-girls relationships and how focusing too much on purity can do more harm than good because then that, not being brothers and sisters in Christ, becomes the focus.


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