Moss Lake

Moss Lake and the Field of Dreams are my favorite places on earth. Both are quiet and full of natural beauty that inspires worship and fill you with peace as you rest and commune with God.
But it’s not always super quiet, especially not when we’re playing with the catfish.

{feeding catfish}

{walking on water}

But if you want quiet, you can find it there.

{until Angela tries to catch a goose}

{this is the view from a rickety old bridge that has become a favorite spot to sit and watch the clouds and pray and talk. Who’da thunk that old bridge could be such a great place?}

On my last day off, Aimee and I decided to hike around the lake.

We made it around the 2.5 miles with enough time to sit on the bridge for a bit before heading back for lunch.

{I’ve never seen such consistently beautiful clouds as in Houghton}

And then on our last day at Csehy, we worked really hard so we could go to the lake before dinner.

And we made it, for about an hour and a half.

Everyone was on the bridge and it was rather loud, so I snuck around and found a mossy log to sit on in a quiet corner, to think and pray.

Beloved little bridge…

Jonathan and I were sitting quietly on the bridge and Brian was quiet on the bench nearby, and slowly people started coming back from farther on the trail looking for quiet.

It’s funny how you can still be quiet and take goofy pictures – I think it’s the quietness of soul being at the Lake brings and you’re okay with talking and interrupting that sometimes. Other times, you’re happy just to not say a word for a long time.

And then Alex pulled out his shell-horn and we listened, not moving, for the echoes bouncing back across the water.

And then we had to say goodbye, which was very sad, since I may never be back there again – but someday I want to take Ezra there and to the Field of Dreams. Jonathan said to me one day “I know the first places you’re going to take Ezra when you’re both at Csehy someday – the Field of Dreams and Moss Lake.” And I said “yep.”


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