Snapshots from the Field of Dreams

Because it’s my favorite place – fog and wildlife on morning runs, sun and cloud during afternoons of Frisbee, moon, stars, and fog rolling in at midnight. We liked to run and disappear into the fog one by one, and run back with heads thrown back looking up at stars and milky way. Running at midnight under the stars is now one of my favorite things.

{moon rays. it was so bright that night we could see our shadows, and colors – not just shapes in the darkness}

{fog rolling in}

{milky way}
A poem with many references to the Field of Dreams, from escapades there in 2011, specifically an early morning run the day I left and four of us – three counselors and I, with special permission – going to stargaze the previous night. In 2012 on the last night of Csehy we went down there to see the stars and caught the Delta Aquarids as we sang and spoke of His glory.

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