June Letters – Two Months Late

{this is late, so it’s mostly reminiscing}

Dear Nate, you made Eagle!

And you totally earned it.

Not just because your project was crazy long and unpredictable and out of your comfort zone, though that’s definitely a good reason.

But because you are chivalrous, loyal, friendly, helpful, cheerful, courteous, and all the others.

Dear piano students, you all are fabulous. And worked hard. And some of you worked really hard. Thank you for a great recital, and great years of teaching. I’ll miss it.

{though mostly I’ll just miss YOU all}

Dear Hannah and Rachel, live music at the ball was a great idea. πŸ™‚

Daniel thought so, too.

Dear chamber orchestra, for all our shortcomings, I really enjoy playing with you.

Dear Kadys – YES!

Dear Well Group girls, y’all are so sweet. πŸ™‚ It was a pleasure leading you this last year!

Dear Pinterest, you do have some good ideas. And I like how you organize my brain. But no, I will not use you socially. Just instead of bookmarking things. And I will delete things once I’ve done them. Just like bookmarks… only not over-crowding my brain.

Dear Frankfurt, you are a really boring airport. No offense. But I was bored, and hungry, and exhausted. And then at the end I found the interesting part. Oh well.

Dear God, thank you that we have eternity to know You. Thank you that You are worthy of worship. And thank You for making the heavens so precise that scientists can predict things like supermoons.

{supermoon gazing and worship and Isaiah 40 talk – June 23}
And P.S. Thank you for clouds.

Dear Isaac and Michelle, you’re married!!!

Dear Ezra, happy birthday! I’m glad we could celebrate early when I visited you. πŸ™‚ And even though I missed going to Letchworth with everyone else, it was worth it to Skype you. πŸ™‚

Dear Room 401, you’re perfect. Extra exercise on stairs, a view of the creek and clouds, just the right size, farther from the siren than I was last year, and perfect for shouting down to people leaving on their day off.

Dear Counselors, It’s started! We’re together at last, and what we’ve waited for, trained for, and prayed for has finally begun. I love singing together and laughing together and being quiet together and praying together and all the other things we do.

Dear Tribe of Hinneh, I love everyone one of you ladies. I love your bedtime crazies (ab workouts and Brazilian jujitsu, anyone?), you coming to my room to talk or have hair done or see pictures, the notes and doodles you leave on my white board, seeing your faces make boring halls beautiful, your greatness on the Frisbee field (or running around it!), and your questions and insights during devotions.

Dear self, pretty soon you’ll miss all this badly. Some of that’s obvious, like counselor prayer times and meetings, mic duty, music building duty, field duty, girls coming to my room to talk or pray… but you’ll even miss dorm by night and walking the halls praying by yourself when you really wanted to be down with the other counselors, or getting girls out of the dorm for breakfast on time, or to bed on time, or getting up far too early to go for morning runs (which once I was awake were great). And you’ll be a morning person again and get enough sleep again soon enough. But you won’t miss ‘projecting’ your voice, even though you no longer think about it as shouting.

{a typical morning in the music building}


8 thoughts on “June Letters – Two Months Late

  1. Cait says:

    Ok, that was my first pinterest tutorial to pin and try. My fabric wouldn’t roll so it didn’t work very well and I wasn’t sure how to connect it in the back. How did it work for you? I love the knot and really wanted to make one for Jacqueline! My jersey may have been too thick.
    It’s nice to see some pictures of the Eagle ceremony πŸ™‚


    • Kyleian says:

      The connecting wasn’t fun but as far as it rolling it worked – I had to pull it to stretch it and it just rolled. It was pretty thin, stretchy jersey left from altering a t-shirt. I connected it by stapling the ends together and then covering them with a fabric scrap. I wouldn’t staple it next time (use a sewing machine) but I was in a hurry and the machine was put away.


  2. Sarah says:

    Hi Kyleigh! I have to admit I’ve been reading your blog (and Cait’s) for a few years now but I don’t think I’ve ever commented. Blog stalker, much? πŸ˜› But when I saw your shout-out to Isaac and Michelle I thought, “Wait, there can’t be that many Isaacs and Michelles who got married in the last month or two…” Long story short, they go to our church here in MS. Small world, huh? πŸ™‚ I asked Michelle about it today and she said yes, Isaac and Ezra are brothers. So cool!! πŸ™‚


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