Some New Links

{and some Dubai August clouds, that took my breath away}

A Forest Hymn. I love this, and this is what I miss when I’m cooped up inside in the city in 100+ degree weather.

Center for Gospel Culture. This place has some really good, thought-provoking articles. My favorites are by Dr. Benjamin Shute, who I know from Csehy. They’re often mind-blowing. The ones on the Brandenburg Concerto, Art as Herald of True King, and Poetry in Judgment are my favorite. And he has some really good ones on singleness.

Beautiful music:
Lament from Stabat Mater – this is a beautiful euphonium piece. I don’t agree with all the words when it’s done with words, but it’s brass and it’s a lament so I love it. I found it one night on the YouTube sidebar when I couldn’t sleep and was listening to some other music.
Sure on This Shining Night – stunning choral piece
Lamentations of Jeremiah – another choir piece, another lament. 🙂
For the Sake of our Children
Serenade Melancholique – another sad piece, but so beautiful
And for another sad piece on euphonium- Peace, by John Golland. Jonathan and Aimee played a euphonium/harp duet of this for prelude one day and it was gorgeous (so much prettier than this recording).
Ok, not a sad one. Turn your volume up all the way; it’s best that way.
{all these are great for insomnia…}


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