The only problem with Seattle in July and August is few clouds.

Outside Starbucks (I felt like a college kid or something, sitting in Starbucks for 6 hours to use their internet) – Mount Peak and Mount Rainier behind it. Mt. Peak is a favorite hike of mine, and I did it by myself this year, which was an adventure, from wrong google maps directions to taking a wrong trail and not being able to run up like I had hoped. But I made it there and back, and while not running the trail I still did take it pretty quickly. … now the hiking bug that bit me this summer is begging to go again but I can’t take it anywhere…

I was down by the creek for some quiet, and kitty followed me.

And then this cutie came to visit. 🙂

{Lake Tapps}

Sometimes we do get clouds, though. 😉

The annual big clan get-together – Wiffle Ball!

I was slightly distracted by the clouds.

That night Hannah and I went out to lie in the field on a tarp and between unzipped sleeping bags and look at stars. We saw 9 shooting stars and all the constellations I knew and the Milky Way was very faint. And then we heard a lot of coyotes not too far away and decided they were coming down the lane to attack us so we ran inside.

Sweet Necessities – the best place in town

Re-taking old pictures

{Picnic at Point Defiance}

{playing with her Aunts}

The night before we left, I went out to stargaze, but the sky was totally covered by clouds. I went back out a half-hour later and there were still no stars, but as I turned to go in I saw a flash of lightning. I called the others out because there was a beautiful storm behind the mountain, and the lightning would light up the mountain and the clouds in the distance. It’s amazing how everywhere we look we can see His power.

And I wasn’t great about keeping a “blessing list” going this summer. I often wasn’t around pen and paper to write them down and if I had been it would have been mostly about clouds and stars. I was keeping it in my head and giving thanks to God so often.



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