Behold: I. Dust of His Feet

“Who delights in the honest cry of my broken heart?
Who smiles as I wonder at the beauty of the earth?
Who understands me to the fullest extent and wants
nothing more than for me to be His bride?”
– S.C.

The wondrous works of God.
Look above –
Billows of white,
Wisps and piles of cotton,
Scattered layers and towers,
Shipless sails in the heavens,
Rolling black thunderheads,
Stretched out across the sky.

They move at His command
Declare His presence
Led Israel in the desert
Herald His coming
Veil His chariot
Brought for good or ill
Whether they come with rain
Or fly away like the birds
They await His call.

Can anyone understand
How He spreads the clouds,
How His pavilion thunders?
They hide His face
From the sinner,
Lest he die
In the day of judgment.

He sends them whither He wills
Makes them rise from the ends of the earth
Glimpses of glory
Thrill the soul because of their Maker
Beauty always different
Changing every moment –
The dust from His feet
Until the trump resounds
And His own rise to meet Him
In cloud.

{There were times I would step outside and look up and be breathless with the beauty there. And there were times we would holler with glee, calling the other cloud-chasers to come and see, and then we would run from table to bench to rock, trying to get the best view of the clouds and then stand there, watching and pointing out the best parts to each other, or sometimes just being quiet and in awe of God}

{dust of His feet}

{these photos are just the best of the ones I took this summer, in Houghton, Snow Mountain, and Washington. The one at the top is my favorite, along with the first one after the end of the canto}


3 thoughts on “Behold: I. Dust of His Feet

  1. homeschooledlady says:

    These are the most beautiful clouds I have ever seen! (Did you edit any?) Were you up in the mountains most of the time – how did you just get cloud and trees? The first one is a thundercloud, isn’t it? I can’t pick a favorite…..

    I really like that you talked about the glory of God and the clouds and how Jesus is going to come down in one of these dawn streaked clouds. 🙂 I hope you have more cloud pictures to go along the other posts.


    • Kyleian says:

      I didn’t edit any of the cloud photos at all. Some of them are from the mountains, but not all. They were all taken in the countryside, though, so away from cities.


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