Behold: II. Span of His Hand

“Who has measured the stars in the span of His hands
Yet cradled His lamb to His chest?
Who has woven the world in brilliant harmony
Yet quieted my heart in the darkest night?”
– E. P.

The fourth day of the world
He made the lights
To rule the day
To rule the night
Then three small words,
As if
It hardly mattered:
“And the stars.”
He numbered them.
At the Word
They came into being
Flung into their places
Recorded as a small detail
In the colossal hand of God.

And they sang
They praised His name ,
Their Maker.
The morning stars sang together
Declared the glory of God.
The heavens outdo those in His image
Who need prompting
to praise.

In His love
He set them there
For signs
For seasons
For days
And years
Because His steadfast love
Endures forever
He gave these gifts
This cosmic beauty

Orion as He walks the sky
Cygnus as it soars above the dolphin
The dippers as they point the way
Scorpio, beside the moon
Faintly seen, the gleaming way
Milky as it weaves its path.
across the velvety richness
that is the sky
Deep and dark
flecked with silver
domed above
Soul hushed.

In His might
He calls out each one by name
Like sheep
Each night,
Whether the eye beholds
Or whether they are veiled
He brings them out
And they are there,
Because He is strong in power.
He keeps them in their paths
So predictable
Yet without Him
Would be chaos.

The night without stars
Is the dark night of the soul
The questioning paradox
How can the God who brings this
Be good?
And where is the lovingkindness
Of Love?
Asking, it clings to Him
Audacious in its wond’ring
Knowing His unthwarted purpose
His faithfulness
As long as the sun shall rise.
As we see Him
The darkness fades.

So lift up your eyes and see
Who created these?
Seek the One
Let not their beauty
Rob worship from their Maker.
The gods of the Nations –
Worthless, idols.
The LORD –
He made the heavens.

The lights of the night
A comfort to the weary soul
For the ones who know
their Maker carries them
For the ones who know
that this vast expanse
That modern man cannot comprehend
Is but the space between His fingers –
A single span
Of His hand

{you may need to read this in a dark room to see the star pictures properly. Most of them were taken at the Field of Dreams, others are from Dubai. Some previous reflections on stars in Dubai}


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