Behold: III. The Voice of Many Waters

“You are the all-knowing God who has had
a plan for my life from before the foundations
of the world.”
– H. P.

Who is like You,
O Lord, among the Gods?
Whose voice is like the thunder
And the sound of many waters?
Roaring, swelling, mounting –
Whose hands are covered
With the lightening
And who commands it to strike?
Its crashes declare His presence.

When He speaks
There is tumult in the heavens
And yet He also whispers
in a still small voice
For Him the mist rises from the earth
And the winds leave their storehouse.
To whom then
will you liken God?
Or to what will you compare Him?

The Nations, the mighty nations
The many peoples
He plants and tears down
They are but a drop in the bucket
Only dust on the scales
They are nothing to Him
Even less than nothing –
How can less than nothing be?
this One.

And yet
To a God so mighty –
Who stretches out the heavens
And has measured the waters
And weighed the mountains
To whom none have shown counsel
Who moves the hearts of men
And gives them their every breath –
He is everlasting
Creator of the ends of the earth
He does not faint
Or grow weary
He established the world
By His wisdom –
Then perhaps
To Him
There could be
A less than nothing.


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