Behold: IV. The Lion and The Lamb

“The God who comforts and makes Himself known
to His children. He knows exactly how to take care of each need
of His children, no matter how great…”
– M. L.

“Who is the everlasting friend, who always listens
and never forgets? Who is the one who keeps His
promises – who never changes? He is the one to
stand by and guard you – the one who sees your
sadness and laughs with your joy.”
– O. M.

Oh, herald of good news –
Get up to a mountain
And declare to the cities
This God.
Let all hear and see –
Behold your God!

This God who is
Both lion and lamb.
The One who is higher than the stars
Lights that pass away
They are so great so
Is not He who remains forever
Even greater?

And forever –
He changes not.
This God to behold
What is seen in Him
Will not change
From here until
Beyond eternity.

The waters would overwhelm
The stars, they would burn
Even the cloud would suffocate us.
And the Almighty God
Would also be our death
If beheld too close.

And yet
It is that nearness
That man longs for –
To know God.

The Lamb
He offered Himself
Death in our place
Our sins on His back
A gift of grace
Now we behold
No curtain bars the way
No cloud obscures the sight
iniquity pardoned
Face-to-face at last will be
His children
Forever with Him.

This God of power –
Who commands the clouds
And the waves of the sea,
The Maker of heaven and earth –
Whose name alone is a strong tower
His power in just one word.
He is our help
He knows the griefs
Has born the sorrows
The aching heart
Is comforted
With tenderness.
He understands
The complex inner workings
Of the mind –
He knows His child
Better than she knows herself.
It is this Lord who is my shepherd.

These ones who are but grass
Whose bodies fade away
The Everlasting carries
In His bosom
The Almighty
Increasing strength
When we are faint.
He cares
And loves
Even us.

He cares for the sparrows
Those in His image,
Worth so much more
The Lion strong enough to protect
Gently leads His lambs
Tenderly, for He is Lamb like us
And He was broken, too.


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