Behold: V. The Bridegroom

“Your greatest lover, that you can rely on.
Your Father, that will care for you.
He loves you more than a fish needs the water
And more than birds crave the berries.
His love is enough.”
– C. H.

The won’dring Psalmist wrote
Considering the heavens –
“What is man that You are mindful of Him?”
For compared to the skies,
Men are small and ugly.

And yet this God
Who marked off the boundless heavens
With only His hand
Came down
He took brokenness
And made it whole.
Brought meaning.
Gave life.

The world not left to herself
He married Himself to her
In His covenant faithfulness
She became His
Though she looked elsewhere
He never has.

He was here
And we esteemed Him not
Too busy with the gifts He gave
To see Him
Even though it is He
Who holds the world together,
It is He
We ignore.

He pursues
In her unfaithfulness
He desires
To know this sinner
To eat with her
To overflow her cup
To suffer for her
To die for
To love
To marry
To bring her to His Father.

The path she takes
The path I take
Though beyond today is unknown
Though beset with falling short
Though full of question and fear
Is never hidden from His sight
The future is marked out like a path
A path from which none shall ever stray.

This God who made the clouds
Who calls out the stars –
He is fairer than even they –
Who is gentle and intimate
with His lambs –
it cannot be understood,
why such a Great One would do so
for such a wretch as I –
Has set out this path
He will clear the rubble
And guide the way
And bring to rejoicing
When the path is hard
The way unfathomable
The future uncertain –
It is well
With my soul.

In the darkness
Of the soul
How big is your God?
He is greater
Than the night.

Even when
The sky is bare
And lonely –
He is there,
And here.
He hems me in
His presence, all around
His power
His might
His love
His tenderness
Ever Near
To behold
Our God
Even if we
Are broken.

And then –
He calls
The Bridegroom
For the Bride
She comes
Then face-to-face


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