August & September


a warning to all my reeds: behave, or else. And I’m really enjoying having my Rebel again. My old camera was great for all the hiking I did over the summer, but there were so many times I thought “I want my Rebel!”

summer sunsets can be all smog or they can be beautiful.

kittens in the park
remembering midnight runs in the Field of Dreams, traipsing in fog and twirling under the stars
moon, mosque, and children playing
6:53 = mile
northern cross and backfloats
Serenade Melancolique

first day of school

post-workout sun by the pool
clouds – happy birthday to me from God
Sacred Sorrow
Birthday notes from my favorite people
Indian Happy Birthday (oh, the memories!)
Frisbee on my birthday
long Skype
surprise flowers

birthday flowers from Ezra

I saw this cloud when I went out to go biking, so went home and got my camera, biking around our compound and stopping to take pictures every so often. Now the neighbors must really think I’m crazy.

a beautiful Bb
pumpkin pancakes
sweet Isabelle
Brandenburg #1 = mind blown
music memorized
cloud-chasing on a bike

mom and dad’s quilt labelled at last!

picking up the N’s at the airport: 8 kids, 2 adults + all their luggage needs 3 SUVs.

woke up to this.

and spent the evening celebrating my birthday with some of my favorite people

triple hug on the airport median – reunited with Hannah and the Ns
cloud-chasing on a bike.
mint chip cheesecake
Cassiopeia from the plane
layers pocketed with gaps of light from ships and boats in the water below
“SURELY!” (double meaning: The Messiah – thrilling to sing it! and Airplane)

new backpack. holds: oboe, reeds, tuner/metronome, thumb rest, cleaning swabs, Bible, notebook, music books, laptop, phone, wallet, iPod, keys, sunglasses, and SLR camera.

the best thing about flying is the clouds.

hole-in-the-wall “Turkish” restaurant – eating Mendi, hummus, tabooli, and drinking lemon/mint drinks with superb company.

when all the string players are passing around chocolates during our break and all the winds have to say no or save it for later.

Lyons with daddy:

far over the misty mountains cold…

Mont Blanc

good practice on a bad reed
morning runs outside again
dropped off at the airport by the Captain
trilingual Captain = my dad!
clouds stretched out
watching Italy pass below

We walked through a beautiful park

Lots of artists around…

The amphitheater where Blandina was most likely martyred, with Fourviere hill in the background.

Oh France.

The market

from Fourviere

flying over Italy

cloud-chasing again

scrapbooking Csehy: if a picture is worth a thousand words and I have a thousand pictures from Csehy 2013 – then that’s a million words, and I think that starts to get close to summarizing Csehy.

testing out the Bosch: baked donuts

oboe with no teacher = lots of recordings.

movie night with the “Dubai extended family” (Fontgoneanos)

weekend at home
surprise Skype with big brother and dear one
Nate teaching

and volleyball started again

surprise Skype with Ezra (and FB chats!)
low brass (DWB!)
5 miles outside

love this reed. ❤ {thank you again, Mrs. Rawleigh!}

And a huge praise: repetitive stress injury is almost completely gone from my life. The end of August is over a year since it was so bad I couldn’t do certain things, and October is over a year since I felt pain for more than a few moments. I still take a week of rest every term, can’t practice more than 30 minutes of piano daily (up from 20 minutes 4x a week last year), and have to be careful how I type – but it’s no longer a part of every day life, and when there is a little pain it’s nothing one day off can’t fix. Praise God!

2 thoughts on “August & September

    • Kyleian says:

      I’ve made them before, and really like them. But they’re not necessarily super donut-y but they’re still tasty (they are junior-high well-group approved). The problem is figuring out what to put on them.


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