Life is busy: Wind Band, Chamber Orchestra, the Messiah, helping with Glory Kids Choir, practicing, theory, learning some conducting, wedding planning, half marathon training (whether or not I actually run it depends on how my shoes hold up and what happens with legalities with the Messiah), family, church, friends, sewing… but it’s wonderful.
October also marked 6 years of playing oboe! Hoboe and I had a great celebration.

{enjoying cuddles post-conducting lesson}

{good to be “reunited” with these people…}

{Mondays between Glory Kids choir and Messiah rehearsal I go to the Ns. We were having a pre-dinner workout party}

{I declared October a sugar-free month. It went well. There was the unavoidable like little bits in my bread, and some things I just didn’t think about – like in pesto. WHY did someone put sugar in pesto? This was one of my favorite desserts – cocoa, honey, hot milk, and cinnamon. So delicious, I didn’t even miss the sugar}

{October means the weather changes. Which means CLOUDS}

Letchworth 4 on Skype
“got you”
blue skies
David smiles
trampolining in the rain
hot cocoa
surprise clouds
3 months to go
outside all morning

good reeds
letting go
39:05 = 5 mile
afternoons sewing
billowing pink clouds on horizon
2-hour practice after a long day
days with the C’s = words not enough to do it justice

{and blue sky!}

{And rain! So we went and jumped on the trampoline until we were soaked}

I went out of town for the week to stay with good friends.  It was my last time to do it, so it was sad but a lot of fun.

{love them! – sewing and watching Little Dorrit}

sunset at the ball fields


{the fun of an international community: teaching nonamericans how to make tacos}

{desert cookout}

{learning new constellations}

{how the older kids study during co-op…}

{unintentionally twins}

{planning quilts galore}

I saw this video the day after I had my second conducting lesson, and loved it (though I would have loved it any day). It makes me laugh when people act like they think conductors do. 1:57-is is my favorite part.

Sugar free eats:
(the ones that didn’t fail miserably. Let’s not talk about the pumpkin mug cake that was more like cinnamon scrambled eggs)
Date Cocoa Truffles. Rich, sweet, tasty, and only three ingredients.
Chocolate Peanutbutter Pie. Like Buckeye bars.
Chocolate. This was tasty but the texture was more like frozen hot fudge.
Pumpkin Ice Cream.

And a wonderful interview with John Piper in World Magazine. Go read it. 🙂


2 thoughts on “October

  1. Jim and Karen Fox says:


    Great photos. Could you please send me the original sizes of the one making tacos and also of the night time one of the burj from the ballfields?




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