November was a crazy month – one of the ones that you look at and wonder how in the world everything is going to get done. But it all did get done, and not just done but was enjoyable and deep. The Kadys came to visit, I had two orchestra concerts, lots of rehearsals and practicing, a half marathon, composing, church events, schedule changes, and wedding planning. Full of ups and downs and lessons and growing. Learning still more about humility and mediocrity, serving and loving others, being still, and slowly and reluctantly getting ready to move while joyously counting down the days till I will be married to Ezra.

{baby dedications}

{the C’s and Mrs. M hosted a lovely shower for me}

{this is us all the time…}

blessed shower – such dear friends
pieces done
lists growing shorter
10 miles

{clouds after an afternoon with Sarah and Isabelle}

{volleyball at co-op}

golden-pink sunset clouds + silhouettes of burj + pink perfect setting orb
deep thunders – 1000 people laughing
soul trilled by God
glorious glorious Savior
missing going to the field with those thoughts and running with head thrown back and arms wide or lying in silence under stars. because how can I sit in a chair indoors when overjoyed at Him?

{Piper conference: Friday morning John Piper preached on Romans 8:12-18, about a “spectacular and scary promise,” and how it’s spectacular because of the inheritance we get, but scary because we have to suffer for it. He talked about how we know if we are a child of God, and what it means that the Spirit testifies – and what led by the Spirit means (not voices in your head but killing sin and crying – not just calling – out to Him as Father). Then he went in to what it is we inherit – so majestic it makes Dubai look like a slum! We get the whole world (his comment: prosperity theology just gets the timing wrong!), God Himself, and glorified new bodies (can eat all food, and perfect music, and we can see God without being incinerated – so Rachel and I were wondering if there’d be one kind of music everyone would like, or if we’d just like it all because it would all be worshiping Him). And then he talked about what kind of suffering it would be – not necessarily persecution, but from the context, just the groaning of living on this earth. And he talked about its purpose, so we won’t love the this earth too much, and about how we shouldn’t grumble because of the great wealth we have.

And Mr. Piper himself – I’d never seen him preach in person before, and he is so real and transparent and humble, not caring what people think of how he looks when he preaches but just being so glad and excited in God and so in love with Him. He’s so logical and a great speaker, but he also just says things how they come to him, which makes him so real and funny. But the biggest thing was just seeing how much God means to him; how delighted he is in God.

Mr. Piper’s messages at the conference were good, too. More and more about worshiping Him and glad-hearted worship and what that means and how that relates to missions and how all peoples coming to Him brings Him so much glory.
On Saturday he was focusing on what glad-hearted worship is, and how since we can’t see people’s hearts, what it is we can see to see that they are worshiping, using 2 Cor 8:1-3 as an example, with how their joy in God was shown in how they gave so much even in their affliction – and how love is an overflow of joy in the grace of God that meets the needs of others. And how when we are content in Him during trials it brings Him so much glory because then the world sees how we treasure Him more than all else. I kept wanting to sing “All That Thrills My Soul.”
I love how he doesn’t lose sight of the gospel but still recognizes that its purpose is to get us to God, and so dwells not so much on the gospel but on the God it brings us to.

{Well group}

mint chip ice cream from daddy
no oboes in Mozart = night off
dad done my dishes
Vorisek intensity
quarter note = 136 (offbeats and Krommer)

{Satwa decked out for National day}

{We got bread after a visit to the tailor and shopping for fabric}

{last DCO rehearsal}

{in rolls the storm}

{the aftermath}

quiet in car – thankful for a red light
unexpected compliments
Messiah rehearsal chills
back row altos
baby words

{NSO rehearsal at Al Raha Theatre. The 22nd and the 30th were huge days for me. The National Symphony Orchestra is the UAE’s only “professional” orchestra. And they needed a second oboe and the DCO conductor gave them my info and I was able to play with them. It was pretty crazy, going from being first oboe at DCO to being second at NSO with an amazing first oboist (felt a HUGE ability gap between us!), and wondered why I hadn’t know he was here so I could have been having lessons. Oh well – I did still learn from him just from watching and listening, and we did talk some, too. Rehearsal was long and mostly counting rests, and I felt not very good because of a bad reed and because of how good the first oboist was, so I wasn’t too excited about the next week when we had a shorter rehearsal and then the concert. But partway through those events I realized what a privilege what I was doing was, and how I’ll probably never get to play with a pro orchestra again, and was so thankful for the opportunity to play with them}

only 6 laps needed
under 2 hours
long-awaited baby
perfect weather
professional orchestra

{half marathon: the one on the 6th of December didn’t work out – registration was already full when I went to register a week before early registration closed. But I decided since I’d gotten so far in training I’d run it as soon as I could – since I didn’t want to do too many more long runs and also knew balancing other activities and long runs would be increasingly difficult over the next weeks, so I picked November 23, drove to Safa Park, and ran 13.1 miles, mostly while listening to Elijah. But when it got to when Elijah is depressed, I was having trouble putting one foot in front of the other, so I changed to bluegrass to help me run better. I almost gave up on my second-to-last mile. I wanted to walk so badly and was so tired, but gave myself until the next corner to keep running, but by then I only had one side of the park left so kept going, and made it in the time I was hoping for, though I really wasn’t expecting it, so it was really great to see the time, especially since I was dreading my time because so much else that week had gone awry that I was expecting the half marathon not to go well, either. What a gift!}

{last DCO concert}

{Glory Kids}

{Messiah rehearsal: the view from the back row of the Alto section}

{time with grampa}

Thanksgiving #1

{Making sweet potato casserole with Hope}

{and chillin’ with Faith}

{M looking forward to Thanksgiving Feast #1}

{a dear friend was in town for a day}

{and these ones were in town for a week}

{Thanksgiving #2}

{brother is playing baseball and earning money umping}

{massage line at the church picnic}

{Venus after volleyball}


One thought on “November

  1. homeschooledlady says:

    I really enjoy these. I like the pictures of your bridal shower. I think your pink dress (that’s the same one you wore for your engagement, right?) looks very nice with the belt, too! Haha, that’s something I would do – wear a belt over a dress (that is, when I feel like it). I’m proud of you for playing with professionals, and for finishing that marathon! Listening to a book sounds like a very good idea. 🙂


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