{Moses & Jonah}

{poor little backwards Nutcracker. He’s been through a lot}

chilling pauses in the Messiah
Jacqueline kisses
dancing at dusk
Ezra here
36 days

{favorite restaurant}

{pizzicato polka… for piano duet}

{my Mrs. Rawleigh reed died… and I was thrown into a crazy mess of other reeds that just don’t sing}

{we went stargazing and had our own little observatory}

What child is this
our dance
Mr. Cameron
DWB – truth proclaimed
mince pie and mulled juice
in the sand under the stars


{Glory Kids choir/Vespers}

{Baroque Christmas Festival}

overhand serves
Faith gets it over the net
Little Women
the Hobbit next to Rachel
almost like a Celtic Festival
long drives with great company

{Ezra was here and we went to the Messiah. It’s really funny, because when I was wanting to do the half marathon and perform for the Messiah, there were times I thought, “I guess God really doesn’t want me to do this.” And then when Ezra’s trip was postponed, it was clear God knew what was going to happen all along. Because if I had gone through with both those things, Thursday night after Vespers would have been a long rehearsal, Friday morning the half marathon, and then Friday afternoon and evening rehearsals and the performance}

{fictional character/famous people ball: Lucille Ball}

{Ezra and I went as Anne and Gilbert}

traipsing about ruins
protection and provision
quiet evening with Hannah
German Christmas cookies
Twins again

{Liesl Von Trapp, Anne of Green Gables, Amelia Earhart, and a pirate}

precious baby
skyping “sisters”
settlers with Hannah
walking again
prayed for so much

{Dear Well Group girls}

{lovely evening out with Marwa}

{wind band performances, complete with cheesy Christmas gear}

{we got paid in Mince Pies and Mulled juice}

hot chocolate
Joy cuddles
dear Faith
dark-haired blue-eyed John
2 babies

{part of our Hobbit-going group}

{Hannah and I took a trip to a near-by Emirate and enjoyed seeing friends, exploring ruins, and talking}

Oh yes. And we went cloud-chasing.

{spent the morning with these wonderful children}

{packing up my stuff}

{Christmas cookies}

shopping with mom
running, even just a bit
baby says “habibi”
singing loud with Neals

cold kitty coming for cuddles
rainy morning – like WA
ran a mile
playing with Isabelle
prayed for by Sarah
first time driving in rain

{farewell open house}

dad’s voice on PA
quiet Christmas
tabla and Arabic carols

{one last morning at Sarah’s}

{flowers from Ezra on my empty desk}

{Christmas breakfast}

{Good morning, Hong Kong!}

Doctor Who
seeing Sarah
tombstone sayings
city at night
Green Tea latte

{Stanley Military Cemetery}

{we spent a couple of hours wandering around looking at tombstones}

{exploring the city at night}

{Nate and I went to the camel races}

Arab culture
long evening at M’s
silly brother
wisdom from Eleven

{evening at the M’s}

{I’m not really sure what was going on. you never really can tell with Nate and Andrew}

home videos
chocolate strawberries
fireworks under the stars

{Andrew and I swapped lenses}

{one more Ball Fields Skyline}

{New Year’s Eve Chocolate Fondue}

{Happy New Year, UAE!}


One thought on “December

  1. Cait says:

    – Love you and Ezra’s Anne and Gilbert, and Hannah’s hilarious Lucy
    – you went to the CAMEL RACES? Why didn’t we ever go before? What was it like? I remember Mr. Etienne saying it was the funniest thing he’d ever seen because the camels’ mouths flapped.
    – I love your ballfield skyline. May I print it?
    – that picture of the M’s is beautiful.


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