Snapshots of Home

{January/February left-overs}

{attempt at shawarma}

{free citrus growing in our neighborhood}

{opening gifts and boxes}



{Isaac and Michelle were down for the weekend and we went to a lighthouse}

{veggie pie – pie crust filled with zucchini and I can’t remember what else}

{chocolate chip cookies + a little bacon grease + bacon bits on top}

{stuffed squash}

{we went to Macy’s to use a gift card and had $2 left… so we bought chocolate because we’ll probably never go back to Macy’s because it’s not really in our budget}

{griddle master making breakfast}

{picnic at the park}

{Craigslist find: a desk, and fellow believers who were selling it}

{butternut goat cheese frittata – I had a recipe but it’s pretty much just a normal frittata with chicken, goat cheese, and butternut sprinkled on top}

{maple cinnamon meringues}

learned to drive stickshift
getting used to neighbors’ noises and living right off a big road = lots of sirens
when the meringue recipe says use baking paper, use baking paper
getting used to electric stove


2 thoughts on “Snapshots of Home

  1. Cait says:

    Are those Threshold tumbler cups from Target? Because I just bought those. I really like them and my hand fits inside for washing 🙂 Next time you must list recipe titles with food pictures, if not links! 😉 I’m enjoying your pins with recipe adjustments and hope to try some soon.


    • Kyleian says:

      The cups are from the Navy Exchange. We like them except there’s a dent in the bottom that water gets stuck in (and since we have hard water, it leaves a layer of white) if you don’t dry it out.
      I’ve edited the post for links. 🙂


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