Letters to God: IV. Not Right

Dear God,
I don’t understand how men can do that. How they can enslave others to such wickedness, how they can destroy lives, how they take what can never be given back. When the child is missing, or the explosion tears through the place, or the death-instrument finds its mark. How? How do you let it happen? Why do the wicked prosper? When will they fall into their own pit?
Do you not see what they are doing? I know you are strong enough – why do you let it go on? How can what you work out of this evil be good?
And yet somehow you did it with Joseph, and even more, with Jesus. How long must we wait to see the other side?
Their evil is appalling, repulsive.

But at its root, it is all about self, just as my sin is. Only Your grace restrains me from the same, only Your hand keeps me from stumbling.
My sin is cause for lament. Repentance, true repentance, is lament. It is brokenness and sorrow. But it knows Your faithfulness, and how the blood of Your Son covers all my sins – the big and the little. The rebellion of discontent, the forgetfulness of pride, the faithlessness of fear, the lack of trust, the selfish impatience – all of it, forgiven. And so there is grace to be given for when others sin against me, though it hurts so much that they would do so. But You are holy – You will never cause that pain.

And those evil men, who are in the same state all of us were when You called us – it is enough for them, too. We long for justice, and yet even more, we long for them to repent.

Oh Lord, have mercy on us all for how we have sinned against You.
And help us always look to the cross, to remember that You have heard us, and answered, and that we are free, and there is healing and life for even the worst of us, and that You are with us as we heal.

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