The Goat Farm

I mentioned before that we went to a goat farm, but that that was a story for another day.
Today’s that other day.

So, to catch you up on the last twelve weeks:
I had absolutely no idea I was pregnant. I’d been feeling pretty yucky throughout February (and thought I was pregnant then, but wasn’t), so because I felt so good in March I figured I wasn’t (though maybe I should’ve taken the sudden change in how I was feeling as a hint). Because I have trouble sleeping sometimes anyway, I didn’t feel more tired, and usually eat a lot, so nothing seemed different. All that to say, I was 5 weeks along before I even suspected anything, which was good, because I didn’t want to tell Ezra till I was sure and knew I couldn’t keep it secret if I was suspecting something.
The timing of finding out was perfect, though, because I was picking Ezra up from work that afternoon and we needed milk at the store. I was debating as we drove over there whether to tell him the way I’d always thought I would, or whether I’d just pull into the expectant mother’s spot at the store. I finally decided to do the latter because I knew I couldn’t keep quiet the whole way home. He said “Kyleigh, you can’t park here, it’s for -” and I said “Yes, I can!” And then he lost it and we walked through the store holding hands with huge smiles on our faces and telling everyone in line.

We’ve been taking pictures every week with whatever fruit/veggie/whatever baby is the size of, and then also of my so far non-existant bump. It appeared in week 9 but disappeared again so it was just bloating. This dress should fit me for most if not all of the pregnancy, so we’re planning to use it every week.

{week 6: But I can look pregnant if I want to… not really}

{week 7 was a blueberry and the photo isn’t great because we forgot on Sunday and by the time we remembered on Monday night it was dark so we took it inside. But week 8 was our little raspberry! And still no-show… but at that point I could tell I was getting “thicker” even though there wasn’t a bump}

{8-week ultrasound. There’s just ONE.}

{week 9: olive + little bump. It was gone the next week, but we didn’t take a picture at 10 weeks because we forgot and didn’t have prunes and I didn’t want to buy a bag of prunes when we only needed one}

Weeks 11 and 12 will be coming later… I don’t have them on the computer yet.
Apart from sleeping 2+ extra hours a night (We go to bed before 10, I get up at 6 to get Ezra breakfast, he leaves and I’m back in bed by 6:30 and usually get up around 9. Before I stayed up when he left or got back up at 7), eating a little bit more (but that seems to have leveled off a bit, thankfully. I was a bottomless pit around 8 weeks), and occasionally being lightheaded or my legs feeling like lead when I try to go for a walk or run, I’ve been feeling pretty normal. I feel slightly nauseous if I’m up too late, but it’s never very bad. I know all of that is a huge blessing… I know it’s not like that for a lot of people and wasn’t expecting it to be so easy for me. But even still, I am looking forward to (hopefully) having more of a normal energy level this trimester. When I’m awake and it’s not too hot out, I’ve still been able to run 4 miles, but because I’m sleeping in and need to eat as soon as I wake up, it’s usually too warm by the time I get out there.

As stated above, we’re not finding out the gender, and we’re not making any names we’re thinking of public… because we don’t want to know the gender till it’s born (though we refer the baby as he or she because we don’t like saying “it”), and because who knows, we may change our minds at the last minute about what names we like. We also aren’t sure how much we’ll post about our children online. I want to share with friends, but don’t want to make anything to public for their safety and privacy. That may also mean we start a private blog for photos and family stuff and keep our other blogs more for writing. We’re not sure yet, but I wanted to put that out there now so no one is upset later.

I’ll post updates and pictures sporadically. If there aren’t any for a while, it means there aren’t any changes. I had my first appointment on Wednesday. I know it’s late, but we were waiting for a referral to go through with insurance, and the office never called us, and when we called after waiting a few weeks it turned out the doctor hadn’t put in the proper referral and we’d just heard good things about another birthing center nearby so we decided to switch and Wednesday was the soonest appointment they had. I heard the heartbeat and everything appears to be healthy.

Please be praying for us! There are so many ways to prepare and things we don’t even know to prepare for, and character growth as well as just basic, should-be-simple decisions about things like car seats and strollers and diapers that end up super complicated because of all the choices out there! We are so so so thankful for this baby, whether it’s a boy or a girl, healthy or in need of extra love. I still can’t believe it.

{and no, we didn’t actually get any goats. we don’t want pets for the time being, but if we did get any it would be cats}


3 thoughts on “The Goat Farm

  1. Terahlyanwë says:

    Congratulations! That’s absolutely so exciting. 🙂

    Your baby bump pictures are incredibly amusing, mainly because you don’t look pregnant at all. 😛


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