{a taste of home from the International Market. It’s just down the road from church and we love popping in there even if we don’t have to buy anything}

{out to eat for our three-month-a-versary. I wanted to go to In’N’Out, and then we explored nearby}

{and I got hungry… so we got milkshakes}

{It’s still hard to believe that’s OUR baby! This ultrasound is a neat story: the pregnancy help center near us that I was considering volunteering at was training their ultrasound techs and needed models. I had called to ask a few more questions about volunteering and explain that I wasn’t sure how feasible it was with me being pregnant and us traveling in the summer, but they did say I should come in and be a model for their training. At that point we had no idea when I’d be able to get into the doctor, since we were waiting on a referral, so even though I wasn’t too keen on having an ultrasound so early I agreed because it would give us peace of mind to know there was a baby, and a heartbeat, and that everything was going well, and I am so glad we did it!}

{Craigslist find: sewing cabinet. The only thing left on our furniture list for now are nightstands}

{April’s highlight: a weekend with Ezra’s friends and seeing Michael Card in concert… and meeting him again afterwards}

We went to his concerts often when I was little and we lived in Michigan. When I moved back to the US, I realized that that meant I could go see my favorite musicians in concert, so we started looking up tour schedules, and found out Michael Card was going to be about two hours away on Good Friday. It ended up working out perfectly with the weekend we went to see Ezra’s friends.
When I was little, I mostly just enjoyed the music from a musical and nostalgic perspective. But the last few years I’ve seen the depth and musical skill and beauty of it, and read some of Michael Card’s books – his one on lament, “A Sacred Sorrow,” greatly shaped my recent posts and thoughts on lament. Seeing him in concert was all that – depth of thought and beauty of music – but in person his character was made clear, too. As I watched him, I could tell he didn’t like the clapping, and that while it was a “performance” to him it was worship, encouragement, and teaching. That really challenged me in the way I think about playing music, and in what the purpose of music is.
Afterwards most people went outside because the church had some refreshments out, but a number of people were hanging around inside and soon he started talking to them so we got in line and only waited a few minutes. I told him the story about when I was little and we saw him and got to go backstage and he offered me a bite of his Snickers bar. But mostly what came through was again, his humility and purpose to encourage others.

{the rest of the weekend was games, music, food, and fellowship with these three reunited}

{I’m very particular in the way I do dishes: I start with the smallest and work up to the biggest so they end up in a nice, neat pile in the dish drainer. Ezra just does them as they come, which means it makes me very happy when I see dishes like this, because it means Ezra did them (even though I’ve told him he’s only allowed to do them on weekends)}

{we explored a regional park near us – about 3 miles of it. There’s 40 miles of trails}

{pregnant lady dinner when Ezra’s gone: broccoli and granola. I haven’t had cravings, per se, neither have I felt sick, but there are times when only certain foods sound good. Those are usually broccoli, granola, stove-pop popcorn, and yogurt}

favorite recipes// lentil chickpea salad very filling and tasty. We added tomatoes when eating leftovers // carrot cake baked oatmeal // sugar-free chocolate cake // Cornish Pasties, a taste of our favorite Celtic Festival in Michigan // Fish tacos – we used mango instead of peaches. The secret to fish tacos is just cooking the fish well and having good toppings // Lemon Gummies – not just for kids! // Pumpkin pie in 2 minutes – we baked it so it took longer, but it’s good enough to be a sugar-free Thanksgiving dessert!

things learned// my body really does need almost twelve hours of sleep a night right now, and that’s okay. Makin’ this baby is one of the most important to-do’s right now // Don’t get worked up about all the options and decisions baby-related. So many car seats to choose from… and yet so many of them are just as safe as the others // no answers for publishing may not mean failure but God making it clear that a different route is a better fit for us // {still learning} having grace in those circumstances we can’t change, like long work hours or noisy construction.

best of online// Ezra posted // so did Cait // If the Lord of the Rings Characters were Band Instruments

thinking about// using music to encourage // finding new normals with changing weather and sleep patterns

what brings joy// sleeping on my back // running {it doesn’t happen every day anymore} // peppers growing // packages in the mail // yummy dinners made of leftovers // Isaiah


One thought on “April

  1. Cait says:

    I’ve always wanted to go to In-n-Out! How was it? Did you order off the secret menu? And I am in LOVE with your sewing cabinet. It’s gorgeous! That would be a fantastic changing table too. I’m so glad you got to see (and talk to) Michael Card.I love your comment about dishes. I am particular too, but it seems everyone has a unique way of doing it. I like to wash first whatever will seem like the biggest accomplishment or make the rest less daunting – usually the biggest things (If they fit in the sink or have been soaking) because they take up the most room. Then I set them on the stove or dry them. I dry almost nothing else by hand because it feels like a waste of time 😉
    …and enjoy sleeping on your back! Maybe you’ve already stopped. I’m still relishing it since Gavriel was born.
    Thank you for your other posts on suffering and lament. It is good to be pointed to those things (when it might not be in everyone’s nature, or when it’s easier to bury your head in the sand). Both churches we’ve been at since UCCD have had similar situations, and it is remarkable how encouraging that can be for those looking on, however backwards it feels, and however much heartache there is.
    I love you!


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