{slowly, slowly making progress on reeds}

{we drove up North a bit to see I&M and stopped partway down for lunch with Ezra’s relatives}

And the next day we went to the zoo!

{the one tomato we got before our plant got pot-bound and died}

{sunset walks}

I also had two prenatal appointments and we solidified where we want to have the baby, which was a huge stressor for a bit so a huge answer to prayer when that all got worked out. Both appointments went well. Not without some difficulties but in many ways I was grateful for those since I was able to see that the midwives and the nurses and I are a good fit and that they can help me when I’m nervous about something (like the copious amounts of blood tests).
Ezra’s cousins were also in town for a debate tournament, while he was already on the East Coast. I enjoyed getting to know them more and also not being so lonely with him gone!

{taking the plants to a friend so they didn’t die while we’re away}

And then I flew all night long to join E on the East Coast where he has some training.

{hotel room cookin’}

{we rented bikes on Memorial Day and explored the town}

{we’re getting better at this whole selfie thing}

The next weekend we rented a car and drove down to where Ezra went to college.

{explaining turbines and engines}

favorite recipes// Ginger Chicken Stir-fry with Asparagus // Popped Amaranth Peanut Butter Cups {I left out the powdered sugar} // Rosemary Olive Oil Bread // Peach Rosemary Crisp {I left out rosemary and used some honey, not agave} // Spinach Artichoke White Pizza

things learned// you can make a lot with just a Keurig and a microwave. The easiest things? gnocchi and couscous. // I have a temperamental baby bump – sometimes it’s there, and sometimes it’s not // second trimester energy isn’t always true… still sleeping 10-12 hours a night // all it takes to play something perfectly is focus // Ezra and I are really good at having adventures, like trying to hike around the island after dark and climbing lots and lots of ladders (and then I get to the top and remember how much I hate coming down).

best of online// 40 Maps that Explain the Middle East

thinking about// devos for Csehy // surprises // baby registry // Isaiah 40 in every situation

what brings joy// hearing baby’s heart beat // hot meals // warm weather // running seaside trails // Ezra home for three meals a day


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