Bump: 11-16

{I didn’t get prunes for week 10, so this is week 11}

{12.5. I had my first prenatal appointment after a long while of trying to figure out insurance and then switching birth centers and am SO excited to use the one we chose. I went back in for a few more tests right before I left and the midwives told me I’d be fine not seeing anyone till we get back. Yay for being healthy! And I got to see baby via ultrasound. We couldn’t find the heartbeat, but the midwife said that can be normal that early. As soon as I saw the baby, the first thing I said was “he’s huge!” because baby’s so much bigger than she was at 8 weeks. Yes, we use genders interchangeably… but he happens more than she if we’re honest}

{13 weeks. Not a bump, but these slacks are getting small in the waist. I could still probably wear them another few weeks but didn’t want to bring them traveling because I wouldn’t get much use out of them. And I CAN travel all night in my second trimester without too much trouble as far as sleep goes, and I felt pretty good the whole time. When I got to the hotel I slept for 2-3 hours and then about 12 that night}

{14. New wall: Newport, RI}

{15. We were freaking out about baby being the size of an orange and then realized the fruit comparisons are more for length than total volume. I told Ezra, “Baby’s head is not that big right now.”}

{A tiny bump! And also a lot of sun! But… bump is temperamental. The sun goes, and so does the bump. It was probably just all the yummy food we ate over the weekend. Including sushi. I only ate sushi with cooked fish but we weren’t really concerned anyway}



{16 weeks. And then after a few more snaps Ezra said I didn’t have a bump… but of course the picture before and the one where I’m being sad about that I do}

{but not really. I think my posture affects it a lot}

I also may or may not have felt baby move two weeks or so ago. People have described it to me as a flutter, and I felt some fluttering a few weeks ago, but I was feeling kind of strange at the time so I’m not certain that’s what it was. I haven’t felt it again, but can’t wait to. Whenever I’m lying down or sitting very still I pay special attention just in case.

As for having more energy in the second trimester… it’s a lie. So is all that about hair getting thick and shiny. But it could still change. I may be sleeping about an hour less every night and can function better if I don’t get it, but I’m still tired all the time if I didn’t get 10 hours of sleep. And I’m not shedding any less hair and it’s just gotten frizzy… no longer curly, just frizzy. But that may have to do with not having a shower filter rather than pregnancy. I’ve been feeling pretty much the same as in the first trimester, except for occasional headaches and heartburn (at least, I think it’s heartburn. I’ve never had it before now).

Oh, and I want cinnamon rolls. We were in town the other night with Ezra’s classmates (when being pregnant was a nice cover-up for being under 21, but we don’t drink anyway so it really doesn’t matter) and after dinner we saw a place that we thought might have cinnamon rolls (because the ones in the store just weren’t gonna cut it), and they did have them, but they didn’t have any raisins or nuts and didn’t look gooey. I don’t just want any cinnamon roll… but we can’t find the one I want (well, we won’t find the one I want unless we find one with no refined sugar! I’d make them if we were at home).

16.5 weeks: My bump isn’t defined (even at its biggest moments it’s a ridge more than a cute bump) and is still somewhat temperamental, but is becoming less so. I can definitely tell it’s different than it was sixteen weeks ago, but it doesn’t seem to have changed much in the past eight weeks. It doesn’t really matter but I’m ready to be out of the in-between stage, although I know when I start to show it’s just beginning until the bump is big enough that I actually look pregnant. I bought maternity clothes at the thrift store here because they were dirt cheap ($1 for pants!), but am nowhere near needing to wear them. My favorite jeans still fit fine (though I did add a second button before we left home so I could expand them if needed), and my too-big jeans are still too-big (but I’ve been using a bellyband to hold them up because it’s SO much more comfortable than a belt). And I left some clothes (my slacks, running shorts, and a couple of shirts) at home because I knew I’d outgrow them before we got back and didn’t want to have clothes I couldn’t wear.

I started a baby registry, which was a lot of fun, even though our internet here is terrible and I started it because my brain was about to explode with all that I was trying to remember and organize about what we wanted to get or try, especially regarding cloth diapers.

So that’s the status of Baby D. at 16 weeks ๐Ÿ™‚


8 thoughts on “Bump: 11-16

  1. jamaila22 says:

    So awesome, Ill pray that the bump becomes a little bit more defined ๐Ÿ˜‰ haha I feel like when I get pregnant I’ll think I’ll have a bump and it will only be a burrito.


  2. homeschooledlady says:

    Keep writing these blog posts, Kyleigh!! They’re so funny and fun to read! ๐Ÿ™‚ Will keep praying for you both!


  3. Hannah Kenneally says:

    Your butt looks so good in these purple dress photos I just HAVE to tell you! Wowza. Also you’re beautiful, and I love you.


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