We started June off driving back to Rhode Island from our weekend with friends in NY.


{reedmaking progress}



{seeing friends on our road trip}

{Ben & Aimee’s wedding}

{Visiting Joel and Cait}

{Lunch with Sarah}

And then Ezra left to go home and I had a few days with Cait before going to Csehy via Greyhound bus and car, and am now enjoying a week at Csehy.

favorite recipes// there aren’t many since I haven’t cooked much in the last month, but these are ones others made for us that we loved // double chocolate zucchini muffins {Sarah made these for us and made these alterations: 1/4 c. + whole wheat flour. Cut the oil in half and the sugar down to 1/3 cup of each kind. To make up for the oil and sugar, add 1/2 c. applesauce} // chocolate avocado pudding {replace the chocolate by making the total cocoa 1/2 c} // sesame noodles

best of online// This sermon series // Hemming jeans fast {make sure to read the follow-up post} // on motherhood

thinking about// how much is out of our control or knowledge yet still in His // how to be praying for people who are suffering close to death //

what brings joy// watching Ezra with kids // nice weather // well-behaved campers // Jacqueline cuddles


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