6 Months

We’ve been married for six months!

It’s gone by so quickly and has been so wonderful. For us, marriage has definitely been easier than our courtship or engagement were, for which we’ve been very thankful. Our time apart this summer wasn’t what it was originally going to be and ended up being more than we had thought it was going to be when we started making plans, and that was difficult, but day-to-day life together has been an easy adjustment full of good things.

One of the biggest blessings and things I’ve enjoyed most has been learning more about Ezra – usually being surprised and thankful all over again or in new ways for God’s work in His life, who he is, and how much he cares for me and our marriage (and our baby, even now!).

We had the privilege of going to a friend’s wedding just after our five month anniversary and watching the video from our wedding, both of which we enjoyed very much and were good times to reflect especially on our wedding but also on our then-five-months of marriage.
We’ve had a number of small adventures and new things and as I write this are beginning a season of many new adventures – a new workplace for Ezra, two moves in the near-ish future, and the baby. It’s going to be exciting and more difficult than the first few months have been, but we’re looking forward to seeing how we grow in it and are thankful for the foundation we’ve been able to build with the help of God, family, and friends.
Random thoughts:
– I’m so glad to be DONE with mood swings and second-guessing, because now that we’re married I can see it was ALL SO STUPID and WHY DID I EVER DOUBT THAT MARRYING HIM WAS RIGHT?
– Wedding thoughts: we didn’t throw the bouquet and didn’t feed each other cake. We didn’t want to and it was our wedding so we didn’t care what other people thought.
– The only things missing from our wedding: {not counting the people that didn’t make it} country dancing, potluck, outdoors. BUT in the end we really didn’t notice, because those trivial things that were missing were far outweighed by things that were so much more important: getting married before summer and in a place where so many people we loved could come. Because that was what was most important to us: that we got married surrounded by people we loved.
– Also, don’t think that being apart when you’re married will be the same as being apart when you were engaged. It’s way harder, even when it’s for less time (we thought 2 weeks would be easy compared to 6 months. Lie). Being married is just that great.

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