Csehy 2014

I had the privilege of being back at Csehy for Chamberfest 2014. It was an unexpected surprise for me to be able to be back at all, and to be a part of the first ever Chamberfest was incredibly exciting. Chamberfest was very different from “normal” Csehy, the main difference for me being more and different responsibility with fewer counselors there. That meant there were some things that we had to do that we didn’t want to do (being in charge of get to know you games), but it also meant there were things we liked to do that we got to do more often (like mic duty, though that got old after doing it every single day).

{hanging out with Ang and the kids during some of my down time}

Our days were emptier because there were fewer campers, less duties, and because of the nature of Chamberfest (pre-set chamber groups) there weren’t any ensembles for us to play in. And even when we were on duty somewhere (usually the music building) the campers were so aware of times and rehearsals and were serious about their music so they hardly ever needed reminding about what they were supposed to be doing (or not doing). The campers were more limited in where they could be because there weren’t many places we could be with only two of us around most of the time, so that made our lives easier. The difficulty was that we had to be really on top of things because there weren’t other counselors to pick up slack, help us remember things, keep track of time, or go somewhere with a camper.

{thankful for permission from my midwives to play Frisbee}

{since Angela had no campers she’d come join me and mine for devos and serenade my girls to bed}

{Matilda’s first root beer float}

We had a lot more leadership in games and announcements, which was good for me since I prefer to be more in the background.
Most days I was able to play Frisbee and get in lots of down time for practicing, reading and praying, and napping. But it was getting old by Thursday when counselor training started and schedules got more hectic and there was more going on and it felt more like Csehy.

{the whole counseling team}

{Funky Chicken}

The best part was probably devos with my girls, and all my interaction with them in the dorm. They were ready for meals and bed with few reminders and would come to me with questions about clothing and were flexible and usually uncomplaining about schedule changes and boundaries that were unusual. They were open to share during devotions and we had some really good discussions about pride, the pitfalls of being “raised Christian,” and defining terms in 1 Peter 3:18. I think that was due to the smallness of the group, that most of them knew each other beforehand, that they were all more mature instead of a mix, and also that I had grown in learning how to ask questions that lead to discussion instead of just talking. We had more nights of devos than usual, so I hadn’t been completely prepared, and the last few nights the girls wanted to sing together and share testimonies, and we also spent more time in prayer for each other, Csehy, and needs of those around us. There was a lot of sorrow throughout the whole week, with friends and family both of Csehy and people at Csehy suffering and dying (and then one of the faculty read from Revelation about no more tears and Him wiping away every tear and it was so perfect and beautiful and joyous).
And then on Saturday night we sang loud and crazy songs and then had a pillow fight.
It was amazing to me to see how God had worked in them since the previous year and how He was at work in that week.

We still made it to the Field of Dreams three nights, complete with midnight runs, shooting stars, and lying in the wet grass. I got to know Lauren and Mrs. Hayes better and Angela, Jonathan, and I had lots of good times together before the other counselors came and I enjoyed getting to know the new counselors better as well as spend time with those I already knew well, even though it was way less time than we’d had last year. I spent the last night in Hannah’s room and then she and Jonathan took me to the airport, so we were able to have some good talking time after not seeing each other for so long.

Leaving was both harder and easier this year. It was harder because I was so much closer to my girls this year and because this time I really have no idea when I’ll be back. Last year there was at least a slight chance that I’d be back in 2014. But it was easier because I wasn’t there for as long, and because I knew I didn’t have the strength to do all four weeks, and because it was so much clearer in my mind where I was supposed to be and I missed Ezra so much. But like last year, goodbyes were very sad and then I went into the airport feeling fine but as soon as I got past security the reality hit. I think it’s because check-in and lines and documents take up so much of your mind and then you get to your gate and realize you’re alone. But I know from last year that loving others even when it means goodbyes and separations is so worth it.
And even though there were tears, the pain was less not because I loved less but because i know more of God and His sovereignty and also the love we all have for each other.

All of the days were wonderful and ones I want to remember, but Friday was one of those days that you want to treasure forever: meditations on Isaiah 43 – an oboe lesson – long call to Ezra – surprising campers: serenading & funky chicken – beautiful weather – baby moving – picnics – laughter – great Frisbee – a time with my girls too special for words – playing with little kids – teasing – the stars & Isaiah 40.

Someday I hope we’ll be back, and together, though it may only be for visits and those may be few and far between. But I’m so thankful for the time I have had at Csehy, its influence on my music, the friendships forged there, and the strength it has given to my relationship with God. Even as times change and situations at Csehy are different, I do know that it’s a place God has greatly blessed and used and it’s been a privilege to be a part of the ministry that goes on there.


{some photo credit goes to Csehy}


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