Bump: 17-22

{17 – onion}

{18 – sweet potato. Jacqueline saw us taking this picture and even though she didn’t seem to connect that I had “a baby in my tummy,” she did connect that the sweet potato was “my baby” and when we put it away inside, she found it and brought it to me, saying “Aunt Kyleigh! Baby!”}

{19 – Mango}

{20 – banana. We only had one banana and it got smushed in my backpack}

{21 – a long carrot!}

{22 – I didn’t get a papaya at the store and we’re kind of tired of the fruit comparisons, so since baby’s 11 inches we found something that was close to 11 inches. I was also tired of the dress}

I feel bigger a lot (though normally it’s almost everywhere except my belly…) but even when there is any sort of bump it’s still really small. This is the only picture where I’ve thought “I look pregnant!”

The second trimester has mostly been harder for me than the first, but that may be because there’s been a lot more going on, with traveling, Csehy, and now moving. I’ve had a harder time being interested in food and eating enough, as well as getting good sleep, and the disinterest in food may be connected to lack of sleep as that makes me more prone to feel sick. Being in so many beds – including camping with a mat and thick sleeping back, as well as a few weeks on an air mattress – contributed to that, I’m sure, but now that we’re back home I’m not sleeping any better. I don’t feel uncomfortable ever but can’t really seem to get in a good position to fall asleep in. Most often I want to sleep on my back, which is odd since I never wanted to before, but now that I can’t, I want to. Last night I managed to trick my body into thinking I was flat on my back by putting a rolled up blanket under one side, so I finally got some good sleep.
I’ve stopped running, not for lack of energy or fitness level but because of round ligament pain and wanting to protect my pelvic floor. I’m still trying to walk but sometimes the ligament pain is bad even then.

Csehy and camping were a lot better than I’d expected them to be, especially concerning sleeping and having enough energy. I was able to nap or at least rest most days at Csehy, but it’s still quite clear to me that all the strength I had wasn’t really my strength (I was hoping it was second trimester energy kicking in, but the weeks since have shown otherwise!), but God’s help. So I’m grateful that He provided energy not just to survive 7 hours of sleep a night, poor food options/lack of appetite, and all the stairs and walking around, but also to play Frisbee almost every day (and thanks to my midwives for allowing me to play!). The first two days of the cabin I had enough energy and was able to walk around and be active like everyone else, but the third day I was absolutely exhausted, and the fourth day I felt more normal again.

I’ve felt the baby moving since 18 weeks, and maybe before then, but I didn’t realize it was the baby for a long time because people described it as fluttering or gentle nudges. To me it felt like my food digesting or an upset stomach, which sounds like a weird way to describe it but it was so similar to feelings I’d had before completely unrelated to baby that I though it wasn’t for a while. Ezra felt it at 21 weeks and I also saw it that same day. Most of the time it’s noticeable but gentle, though once at the cabin it was REALLY strong and once since then it felt like I got punched and kicked at the same time. I feel it most in the mornings and around dinner time. Occasionally I wonder if it makes me feel nauseous or made me more prone to motion sickness while we were traveling, upsetting balance or something.

I had my 20 weeks ultrasound 2 weeks late on the 22nd, and Ezra was able to get off work at lunch time to come for my ultrasound and the appointment I had afterwards. I’d seen the baby twice before, but it was so much clearer what was what and the baby was moving a bunch, and I was glad Ezra could see, too. The tech said that because we didn’t want to know she wasn’t going to try to see the gender and at the end she said it was a good thing anyway since baby’s legs were close together the whole time.


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