Pacific Northwest 2014

{clouds enroute from Csehy to Seattle}

Ezra picked me up at the airport in Seattle and then we drove to his grandparents’ cabin where most of his family and extended family were already gathered. We stayed there for three nights and parts of four days.

{putting in a bench}

{throwing knives}

{these were relatively clean!}

{down at the swimming hole}

{the water is freezing cold so most of the fun is working up the courage to dunk or jump in}

{celebrating his grandparents’ 60th anniversary}

{skit/talent night}


And then we went to my grandparents’ for a few days to see them, my extended family, and my mom and younger siblings who were there for part of the summer. I didn’t take many pictures, but we had lots of good times, eating s’mores, thrifting, a street fair, hiking…

{gramma blazing a trail through spiderwebs}

{sorting through some of my toddler and baby clothes}

And for our last stop before heading back to home, we spent a few days at home with Ezra’s family, going on walks, playing games, and transferring my driver’s license and getting my name changed on it.

We enjoyed our whole trip – Rhode Island, Maryland, Virginia, Carolinas, Csehy, Washington, and Oregon – but were so ready to be at home together and get back to “normal life” and routine, although just what that is we don’t really know looking ahead to moving apartments and having a baby.

And the final numbers from all our driving:
East Coast vacation: 25.25 hours, 1698.5+ miles (those miles don’t include our trip to NY which was a different car). We had stops in two places in NY, two in the Baltimore area, near Roanoke, Charlotte, and Charleston, then headed back to Cait’s. Ezra had to go back home for work and some more training.
Then a few days later I went to Richmond via Greyhound then Houghton with friends, stopping to spend the night with relatives. By the time we got to Csehy it was 18 hours of travel time from Cait’s to Csehy.
And then after a flight to the West Coast we drove to the cabin – 1 hour 45 minutes, then to gramma’s – 2 hours – and then to Ezra’s family’s house – 3 1/2 hours – 7.2 hours.

The grand total?
51.50 hours of driving, which got us through the end of The Fellowship of the Ring, all of The Two Towers, the beginning of Return of the King, and part of an audiobook of Schaeffer’s “How Should We Then Live.”

Since I probably won’t do a separate July post, these are a few good links:
This woman I’ve mentioned before, a member of our church fighting throat cancer. She went to heaven July 8th, and I was greatly encouraged by reading her obituary.
Good writing articles – I didn’t read all of them, but the ones I did read were good!
The Maestro – you may not be able to read it without a membership, but this is a World article on a Catholic conductor. He talks a lot about the effect of music on us, both positively and negatively – if certain music can heal, then we also need to consider that certain music can have the reverse effect – and how that effect can and does make music spiritual.
I’m not sure how long this is free for, but good food for thought by the Botkin Sisters.


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