Radiation: Protection

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Protecting our bodies from Radiation

Even though we can’t get away from potentially harmful radiation, we don’t need to just sit back and let the unavoidable ruin our bodies. There are many diet and lifestyle changes we can make to protect our bodies even if we can’t eliminate radiation or lower our exposure to it.

If you search the internet, one of the protection devices you will find is the “Q-Link” and other pendants or products that supposedly can keep radiation from harming you. We’ve tried to do research on these, but can’t find anything that explains how they work, and the little snippets here and there only lead us to believe they make no scientific sense. In order to block radiation, there needs to be a physical barrier. Even aluminum foil works for things like cell phones and wifi, but unless you’re going to wear an aluminum suit that doesn’t do you much good because the aluminum won’t “emit” protection over areas not covered by it.
That said, as I did more research on the Q-Link I realized that the purpose of them isn’t to block radiation but rather to strengthen your body to fight the damage better. There are lots of products out there that claim to do these things.  They claim the way it protects you is by “sympathetic resonance technology” (which some of my previous research turned up as a “bogus” term), and I can’t find any real science on it, especially not from an unbiased group, and the terms they use sound very New Age.
However, this is an area we’re open to hearing more about, if there’s actual scientific support for how it works not that it (supposedly) works (placebo?).  I don’t recommend the rest of this blog, but this blogger did do some research on it and concluded the Qlink is a scam.

Another one I’m slightly wary of, though much less so, is earthing. The reason I’m wary of this is because I know nothing about the charges of our bodies and the earth and how that would affect free radicals, so I can’t say if the science behind it is bogus or not.
So what is earthing? The theory is that the free radicals are giving off a positive charge (ionization does cause an atom to have a positive charge) and the earth gives off a negative one (can’t find anything about that), so if we connect with the earth then that counters and stabilizes the free radicals (and can’t confirm that). It does sound a little fishy, but you don’t need to buy anything to do it: you just need to go outside and physically connect with the earth (no spiritual connection going on here, though some make it seem like that). This means no rubber (your shoes), wood, etc. between you and it. Supposedly concrete and fabric are fine, though. This could be going for a walk barefoot or just sitting on the grass. It’s for this reason that I’m open to it even though I’m unsure about it, because I like to just go sit outside anyway and like to go barefoot. You can read more about earthing at Thank Your Body. She brings up that inflammation is less after people have earthed, but I do wonder if that’s just a result of being more relaxed when you’re outside or away from the draw of the computer, which also leads me to wonder if the negative health effects people list from cell phones, microwaves, and wifi are more from the sedentary lifestyle they lead us into than from the radiation itself.


With possible helps out of the way, there are some very practical things you can do that will help.
In order to reduce your exposure to radiation:
You can get rid of your wifi, or at least turn it off when you’re not using it.
You can get rid of your microwave, or just not use it if you can’t remove it from your home (like us).
You can put your phone on speakerphone and keep it farther away from you, and put it in your purse (or man bag) and not your pocket when not in use, as well as not using it for your alarm so it’s not so close to your head all night long (Ezra’s really not worried about that one, though).
You can keep your laptop on a table so it’s farther away from you and not on your lap (some people sell the Defender Pad that’s supposed to block radiation. We can’t find what it’s made of so can’t say if it really does anything, but we do know that wrapping your cell phone in aluminum foil takes the signal away, so you could try putting a few layers of foil underneath your laptop).

Even though I’m unsure about the effects of man-made radiation on adults and am fairly unconcerned about it at this point, I do want to be very careful with children, especially with regard to cell phones because it’s so close to the head, which is one of the more sensitive areas.

While the above may reduce your exposure to radiation slightly, but because we’re surrounded by it a better approach for protection is to build up your body’s resistance to it and help it fight free radicals and encourage cell health, regardless of whether or not ELFs are dangerous. It’s especially a good idea to be more proactive in this before and after you travel by air, because you’re closer to the sun and thus more exposed to radiation.
Here are a number of ways to protect yourself:
1. Exercise, especially interval training.
2. Take an Epsom salt bath.
3. Be careful with your sun exposure so you don’t get burned, but DO get Vitamin D, preferably via the sun.
4. Iodine has been said to help when you’ve had heavy radiation exposure (for ionizing radiation).
5. Vitamins and minerals that will help: lycopene (think: tomatoes!), beta carotene (carrots!), vitamin E (almonds, spinach!), vitamin C (peppers, citrus), and selenium (fish).
6. Other good things to eat or add to things: seaweed, spirulina, tea leaf, omega 3 fatty acids, liver, legumes, and lentils. Also, try some popcorn (not microwaved plastic-lined junk, but delicious homemade stove-popped popcorn). What you want are foods that build DNA, neutralize toxins, and promote cell health.
7. A perhaps obvious one: antioxidants. They interact with free radicals to stop the reaction. So eat your fruits and veggies, especially the list above + berries. Think colorful especially. And tea, too.
8. Go for some yogurt and organic milk. Pastured is even better. (note about the article: I don’t endorse canola oil!).
9. Eat clay. Bentonite or Redmond clay, that is. We have it in our toothpaste (still getting used to being able to swallow my toothpaste), and I stir it into smoothies. Just remember that if it touches metal it loses its effect, so use wooden utensils. This would have a similar effect as earthing, since when bentonite clay contacts water it emits a negative charge that bonds to the positive charge of toxins so the clay absorbs the toxin and not us. It’s not as “odd” as earthing, though, since you’re ingesting it. Read more at Wellness Mama.
10. Take a probiotic – or just eat extra yogurt, kefir, or make sauerkraut. I’ve started making sauerkraut in a half-gallon Mason jar and soon will be starting some water kefir in another. It’s cheap, easy, and takes minimal time to prepare (aside from the waiting).
11. No smoking!

In general, the healthier you are, the better your body will be at healing from or resisting any ill-effects of radiation.

A little word on free radicals: sometimes our bodies allow free radicals to neutralize viruses and bacteria. BUT if free radicals take electrons from fat, protein, or DNA, then you can get things like cancer and heart disease.

The great thing about diet-related changes is that you can be confident in nutrition’s ability to help your body, whereas the dangers of radiation and the effectiveness of things like the q-link and earthing are in categories of “we don’t know.”
That’s why I see diet as being so important in this fight, as in every fight for our health. We don’t know what harm non-ionizing radiation may cause, and we often can’t avoid them, but eating in a way that supports our bodies’ mechanisms to fight the harm low-intensity radiation might cause is something that we can do and without too much trouble, especially if you’re already eating a whole foods diet. And even if worries about ELF are bogus, a wholesome diet and lifestyle will improve your overall quality of health and life.


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