Bump: 23-28

{23 weeks: look, it’s a bump!}

{24. This is about where we completely gave up on the fruit/veggie comparisons because if baby’s 1.5 pounds and 12″, how does that come out to a cantaloupe?}

{25. all the pregnant ladies at church. R-L: September, October, November, December}

{26. This week I was reading one of the baby-by-week updates I get and realized that the rhythmic tapping I was feeling wasn’t baby sitting there giggling while trying to annoy mama but was baby hiccuping}

{27. I read a post on office supply comparisons so we thought we’d give that a try… but it still made no sense. This week I started being able to tell more of baby’s position inside, which is neat. I’m still not always sure what’s a kick and what’s a punch or baby changing direction, but they are all getting stronger. And whenever baby gets the hiccups I can tell where baby’s head is, and usually it’s DOWN which is encouraging, especially since I’m never sure if it’s feet or head digging into my ribs}

{28. But we did have an eggplant in the fridge so we decided to go with it for the (official) start of the third trimester! I really don’t get the divides of weeks/months/trimesters, since people say 28 weeks = 3rd trimester, but 27 weeks was exactly 3 months to my due date. Anyway… I was excited this week because I finally got asked by a stranger when I was due. I had another prenatal appointment, and everything is going well. Baby likes to show off for the midwives and almost always kicks a lot during appointments. The midwife said baby was head down and though still could move around would most likely stay that way}

Movement: This baby moves a LOT, but it does come and go. If I sit still it starts pretty quickly and is very strong and movements keep getting bigger and bigger. Baby’s kicked Ezra a bunch of times, sometimes pretty hard.

Gender: No, we didn’t cave in to find out… but I keep having dreams it’s a boy. 4 dreams about baby being born, and every time it’s a boy. There was even one where I THOUGHT it was a girl but it wasn’t (dreams are so strange…). All our friends having their first are having boys, and at church it goes Boy, Girl, ?, Girl – all of which points to boy but has absolutely nothing to do with anything.

Maternity clothes: I can still get by in a pair of old jeans that were a little big before I was pregnant. I do have a maternity skirt (and normal skirts with elastic waists) and some capris that I wear most of the time, but I have a hard time finding maternity pants that fit since there’s so much spandex in them that they fit so tightly. The capris and pants I have both are too big but I can’t find anything that’s not too tight in the time I wear it around. I did order some shirts the other day since mine are starting to get a little short.

Food aversions: Coconut oil and peanuts make me lose my appetite for the rest of the day, which explains why I felt so sick in Newport, since we were snacking on trail mix with a lot of peanuts and why I was having trouble getting enough protein early on, since I’d eat peanut butter and then nothing would sound good.

Exercise: I’m trying to find a new rhythm after moving and having different options for exercise available. I was walking 4-5 miles 3x a week until 24 weeks + 2 days of strength training, but when we discovered something that might be a pelvic floor issue the midwife said to cut back on walking, so I’ve been swimming, but our pool in the new place is under going repairs so it’s not open till next week. There is an elliptical in the fitness room I’ve been using and my body was also exhausted from the move so I took a few days easy.

Overall, everything is going well. My blood pressure borders on low which means I have to watch how much I eat, drink, and sleep so I don’t get lightheaded. Sleep is hard, though not for any particular reason. Everything is measuring normal (which is nice to be able to tell people when they comment on how small I am).
I mentioned that a few weeks ago we had a trip to the birth center on the weekend to see the midwife on call, which was scary, though I was pretty sure it wasn’t anything to worry too much about, and it wasn’t. But it was still good for us, because it acted as a wake-up call to remind us to trust God, not rely on everything going well to make us feel good about the birth. It was especially good for me after reading so many books on natural childbirth, both because it made me want it so much (and be more afraid of interventions) and because it also made me so sure I could do it (instead of relying on God for strength to get through, and putting ultimate hope in HIM and not how things go). I want to know how to prevent things going differently than we’d like or that I’m fearful of, but I also want to be prepared for them happening because nothing is guaranteed.
All that to say, please be praying for us to be prepared for both the birth & life after. One of my biggest fears about the birth is that I still get lightheaded around needles, and while I should be able to avoid them for the most part at the birth center, it’s still very likely I’ll encounter them, especially after the birth, and I don’t want to faint (ever… but especially not right after the baby’s born!).


2 thoughts on “Bump: 23-28

  1. Christina says:

    My mom heard you’re dreaming it’s a boy, and she said, “Oh, then she’s having a boy.” Apparently she had dreams about us and she was right.


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