{on a brunch date after a somewhat scary weekend trip to the birth center. It wasn’t anything to worry about in the end but we got to the birth center at the same time as a woman in labor, so the midwife did a quick check and by that time the laboring mama was ready to push and it was her third baby so she told us to come back in an hour or two, so we went and got brunch}

{homemade yogurt}

{morning glories from gramma}

{better than a brunch date: Ezra’s crepes}

{church picnic}

{R-L: September, October, November, December}

{water kefir while Ezra set up our Berkey – yay for scratch & dent sales!}

{consignment store find…}

{last walk around our old complex}

{keeping track of my water intake to keep the midwife happy – I was easily drinking enough}

{moving day!}

{because Ottolenghi‘s food is so good}

{making “celebration cake” – my birthday, Ezra’s birthday 2 months late, baby 3 months early, and our move. Ezra got me a set of Doctor Who Classic that we’re both excited to watch but are saving it for when we’re too tired to do anything else after the baby’s born. I’d been talking about wanting to see some classic, thinking I could probably find it at the library, but Ezra was listening. 😉 Also in August – we watched the first episode of season 8… and will catch up on the others soon!}

{yum yum}

favorite recipes// homemade ginger ale // zucchini pizza crust // chicken rollatini // Turkish kebabs // pumpkin chocolate salted caramel cake // lots from the Jerusalem cookbook linked to above – this one being our favorite.

best of online// What Writers Can Learn from Goodnight Moon // Freedom Reigns

reading of late// The Secrets of the Baby Whisperer // Redeeming Childbirth // Childbirth Without Fear // Why We Get Fat & What to Do About it (some good points, though I don’t agree with it all) // A History of Western Music

thinking about//  preparing spiritually for birth & life after birth // Habbakuk 3 // what it’s like to live in Iraq or Syria right now // relying first on God, not Ezra or things going well

what brings joy// signing a lease // church friends helping us so much // jelly beans for the glucose test // Ezra home early // playing on a reed I made //


2 thoughts on “August

  1. Cait says:

    I love your monthly update posts 🙂 And I’d like two pieces of that cake, but no more sitting in my house. But I wouldn’t be able to resist cutting the layers because – more frosting! 😛


  2. homeschooledlady says:

    That’s alot of yogurt! Do you mix in fruits or just eat it plain? And what type of cake is that? The frosting looks super sweet…is it? These monthly picture posts of yours are some of my favorite posts!


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