Apartment #2

Before we got married, we knew we’d have to move out of our apartment within a year. They wanted to renovate it and charge a lot more than we were willing to pay. Looking for a new place was stressful and exhausting. We almost signed the lease on one place before I decided that while I was okay with 2nd story and one bathroom I didn’t want to have a split-level apartment with one bathroom so close to the baby being born.

A week or two later, there were a couple of other places that seemed like good options, but they kept not working out for various reasons. We had about three left in the running the week before our “decide” deadline, and one of those places wouldn’t call me back. The other one called the morning of the day I had an appointment and said the apartment was leased (but they said the soonest they could show it was the time slot they’d given me!).

I was really frustrated. In the weeks before, it was becoming more and more clear that each place we seriously considered was better than the last in location, price, and/or the apartment itself. But with the options we had open at the time, it looked like we were going to be paying more and farther out than we wanted to be.

And then when I was checking online right before bed one night, the place I’d liked best had just dropped $100 a month. So we applied that night, and about two weeks later we moved in with the help of lots of church friends – one of whom had given me a ride to see the apartment in the first place!

We were very reluctant to move since we loved our old place and there wasn’t anything wrong with it. A month later, I certainly miss the trail and extra counter space, but that’s really about it.

This place has paint from the owners, as well as some organizational/storage stuff that we love. The carpets are really soft and deep. It’s quieter than our old place and the neighbors upstairs don’t have a whiny dog. We have a great view and extra parking.

And we still have a guest room, so come visit! 🙂


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