There aren’t that many pictures from this month since I sent my camera off to get cleaned early on. My warranty expires in June and I wanted to get it cleaned before the baby came since I know afterwards I won’t want to part with it. 😉 I did still have my old camera and we took a few pictures on it but I much prefer my SLR!

We kicked off September by hosting a game night on Labor Day (which I kept calling Memorial Day. It happens when those holidays weren’t a part of your life for seven years!). In the end only our pastor’s family was able to make it, but we had a blast eating cake, talking, and playing Apples to Apples.

{baby’s car seat came and we had to test it out ourselves. It’s huge, but all of the convertible ones were and we wanted the air protection (and this one has a steel frame, too, even though that wasn’t as high of a priority for us!)}

{before we stored our boxes of childhood stuff I decided to sort through mine yet again to see if I could get rid of some of it. I got rid of a lot of papers and a few other things, like these cups that I decided I could part with as long as I had a picture. My Pooh Bear juice cup stayed ;)}

{whenever I’ve said I want something to eat, Ezra decides it’s a pregnancy craving and that I need to do something drastic to satisfy it… I never bought a big bag of caramels and we couldn’t find the kind of cinnamon rolls I wanted… but when I wanted Belgian Waffles I decided it was time to cave so we got some one day after I picked Ezra up from work. And since then I haven’t been too keen on sugar so maybe it satisfied those sugar cravings!}

{Sunday breakfast – granola & yogurt. We normally have one brunch-y breakfast and one quicker breakfast on weekends. One of our favorite things is making breakfast together}

{finished my baby crafting to-do list!}

We learned the hard way that on apartment move-in walk-throughs you need to shine a flashlight down the garbage disposal. Thankfully it didn’t end up costing us anything because it was obvious the problem was older than a few weeks, but the garbage disposal was corroding. Which meant that it wasn’t chopping things up very finely, so we got a clog in the drain. Ezra was able to fix it but the next night it clogged again, though only briefly, but when we got it unplugged suddenly the disposal stopped working, and that’s when we found that it was rusty and falling apart. I’d been getting lots of spam calls so wasn’t picking up the phone for numbers I didn’t know, so I missed the repair man’s calls and it took a week before he came. In the meantime, our garbage was filling up with rotting waste and when we decided it needed to be taken out, we suddenly found maggots all over the kitchen. Ezra killed all of the ones we could find (SO thankful we found them on the weekend so he could take care of them!) and we thought that was that… until the flies came a week later. I shooed 8 out of the house on Monday, we killed 9 on Tuesday, and then on Wednesday I killed 17, leaving us with 2. Ezra killed one more on Sunday and we’re down to one.

{the birth preparation class we’re taking started in September. It’s at the birth center and as first-timers we’re required to take some kind of class. For the most part, we’ve really been enjoying it. The instructor is a believer which is really nice, especially with how touchy-feely birth classes can get. The touchy-feely stuff has been minimal, and some of it WAS actually rather neat, like this drawing exercise of visualizing a landscape of what you wanted your birth to be or imagined it would be. It sounded so weird but when we were doing it I really enjoyed it and was surprised by what came out of it, especially all of the landscape connected scripture references – like being led in green pastures, waters not overwhelming, feet treading on high places, wings like eagles, and His control of the stars – all of which have been themes in dealing with birth-related fears. The most helpful thing for me from the class so far, though, has been the 8-station circuit of practice contractions that we did, using different positions and techniques. Ezra and I had already practiced some Bradley method techniques at home, but that really helped us solidify the Bradley stuff as well as implement some new positions and other helpful things}

{a month and three days after we moved in we have ALL our wall decor up! After the first two weeks we had all the boxes unpacked and put away and most wall decor up, but we lost steam and then spent a Saturday going up North to visit friends and were waiting for baby furniture to decide where to put stuff in our bedroom… but we’re done now! We’ve met a few neighbors and I’ve briefly spoken with some people at the pool, the most notable being the overly-friendly 9 year old boy who introduced me to his mother as his girlfriend about ten seconds after he asked me my name}

favorite recipes// not a recipe, but I made pizza with BBQ sauce, onion, rosemary, and feta and it was DELICIOUS // bacon & apple chicken // pumpkin pie popsicles {we used cream and bananas instead of yogurt and a bit of maple syrup instead of sugar} // flourless chocolate cake {this is SO good. I couldn’t find unsweetened baking chocolate so we used sweetened and used less honey} // coconut chocolate mousse {if you don’t use the blender it’s more of a pudding}
Any food nowadays I have to run by Ezra if I think it’s gross since my taste buds and stomach are vetoing almost everything (with the exception of yogurt and chocolate). Sometimes I’m in the mood for food but most of the time I’m eating because I know I have to and choosing food based on what I know I need (calcium and protein). I do seem to be able to tolerate coconut oil again, though, at least in the form of coconut oil chocolate (because I had to find a healthy way to satisfy that craving).

best of online// the framed print on our bedroom wall is from this place. We love his stuff and hope to get some more of it // quality essential oils at a great price //
Not from online, but a quote from a music history textbook that we found amusing:
“Dancing is essential in a well-ordered society, because it allows males and females to mingle and observe one another. How else does a lady decide whom to marry? Through dancing, she can tell whether someone is shapely and fit, or unattractive and lame, whether he is in good health or has unpleasant breath, and whether he is graceful and attentive or clumsy and awkward.” – Renaissance dancing master Thoinot Arbeau, quoted in “A History of Western Music” (Burkholder).

reading of late// Ezra and I finished both Hebrews and Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way. Still working on Return of the King! // Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth // Keep a Quiet Heart // Castaways of the Flying Dutchman Trilogy // La Bible (the Bible in French!) – one of my goals was to finish before the baby was born, and I finished mid-way through September!

thinking about// bringing children into this messy world // fighting fear is mostly about taking captive every thought // how Halloween in America starts in early September… but there’s no apple cider at the end of September. Fall is before Halloween, people! // how excited we are to meet this little person kicking around inside of me (if I say “baby” it means I’m enjoying the movement. “Kiddo” means I’m slightly annoyed. “Child” means baby is most likely bouncing or hiccuping on my bladder or doing some other thing I would rather not sit through).

what brings joy// feeling baby’s spine // making breakfast with Ezra // Belgian waffles // having people in our home // sales // being in water // being married to Ezra // visiting Dubai friends


One thought on “September

  1. Cait says:

    I love the hand lettering! Beautiful.
    Good for Ezra, trying to meet pregnant wife’s cravings 🙂 Especially for Belgian waffles!
    I like your birth ‘visualization’ and how it turned out to be helpful. It is a neat idea.
    The garbage disposal scenario sounds awful. Yuck!
    and…I can’t believe you got rid of your Mickey Mouse cup!! Good for you, though.


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