It’s been a while since I posted or mentioned any writing projects on this blog… but since that’s what my Facebook page related to this blog is for, I thought I should update.

I AM still writing, although not as much as before. Inspiration, deadlines, and time to write comes in waves and so it’s unpredictable. I also have a number of things sent out to people for editing and critique and have been catching up on some other things while I wait to hear back from them.
My long-term goals changed a few months ago when we realized that with the way finding a publisher was going and with the intent of my writing being to encourage others and not make money, that perhaps I should consider e-publishing, even self e-publishing. It made me laugh at first since self-publishing was something I said I’d never do, but the more I thought about it the more I liked the idea and the less I felt like I was taking the easy way out or that because no publisher wanted my books that they weren’t any good. Since the Victorious series is overtly Christian fantasy with a somewhat didactic bent written by an unknown author, I can see why people aren’t interested in publishing it.
But I still wanted more input and editing, so that’s where those are at right now.

In the spring I spent a lot of time compiling and working out thoughts regarding Christian musicianship and have written a short book on that. It’s also “out” for review by some friends and fellow musicians right now and would also most likely be made available as an eBook (we’re thinking Amazon, since they’ll do the Kindle formatting for you).

I’m also writing some new fiction, experimentally. It’s the series titled “Javi’s Cafe.” The experiment is writing a story with no pre-determined plot, but centering on characters and where characters lead.

And there’s still occasional composing going on. The most recent completed work is the final version of “Jesus of the Scars,” which I was able to record live with some friends a few months ago. You can listen to the recording here.

I do plan on posting essays and writing when we find a new normal after the baby’s born, but I don’t really know how that will all turn out. Also, while I’ll still post some photos and “normal life” stuff on here, I’m probably going to start a private blog so I can post photos of baby more freely.
And if the eBooks don’t end up working out, then I might post it all on my blog – but we’ll see!


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