Well, I blamed September’s post not having many pictures on not having my camera… but I took even fewer in October!

{more Ottolenghi}

{I went to a choir concert some friends from church were in – they did a trio and it was gorgeous!}

{organizing baby stuff after a lovely shower the church ladies put on for me}

{back in July, we bought tickets to the Great Divorce play and then decided to make a fancy date night/early 1st anniversary celebration using some of a gift from my parents. We’d bought the cheapest tickets at the very back of the balcony and knew that it wasn’t necessarily a super fancy theater but wanted to dress up and be all fancy. Then we found a mid-priced fancy Italian restaurant and got an appetizer and dessert, which we don’t normally do}

{deep fried artichokes & dip – so yummy! Followed by butternut squash ravioli with veal marsala for me and a fancy Italian burger for Ezra, and then we split canoli and apple tart for dessert}

The play itself (link below) was absolutely fantastic. I haven’t read the Great Divorce in a few years and was wondering how much I’d remember and get out of the play because of that. At first I was looking too hard for the meaning, but once they got off the bus it started coming back to me as well as there just being more depth and meaning going on. The three actors were phenomenal, as were the visual effects, costumes, sets, etc. We loved how the actors took turns playing the narrator and other characters. The whole thing was full of good reminders about dealing with sin and longing for heaven.
All that to say – if it’s in your area, it’s well worth the money to go! If not (and even if it is), read the book! 🙂

I didn’t get any pictures, but we had a Reformation Day celebration at church. The plan was a German potluck and then watching Luther, but we didn’t end up watching Luther and ended up playing Apples to Apples and having/listening to theological discussions.
I was also pretty busy making sure we have everything ready for baby, the birth, and postpartum – lots of baking, cooking, and freezing going on, as well as Amazon orders and organizing!

Since there are so few from this October… here are some of my favorites from a year ago!

favorite recipes// fermented carrot sticks // homemade cranberry sauce // peanut butter pumpkin power bars // peppermint chocolate smoothie // groaning cake – I made these to freeze for labor, but ate two right out of the oven

best of online// a Luther quote // “You’ve swallowed a planet!” {I found some clips from this episode and Ezra and I laughed really hard at all the pregnancy-related antics} // a long debate, but one we really enjoyed // The Great Divorce (this is a link to hint again that you should go see it if you can!)

reading of late// Keep a Quiet Heart (Elisabeth Elliot) // Redeeming Childbirth (Angie Tolpin)

what brings joy// Friday nights cooking dinner with Ezra, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, and Louis Armstrong // baby reacting/responding to us // Isaiah 40 // cool breezes // washing baby clothes // muffins // Thanksgiving plans


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