She’s here!

Just a quick post! Our little one arrived a few days ago. Yes, it’s a GIRL and we are very much in love and enjoying her a lot.

I plan on posting her birth story once I write it up (hopefully soon while it’s fresh on my mind, but I was writing things down early on and we have a copy of the midwife’s notes from during the birth). We are so thankful to God for His protection and strength, and for His sovereignty over everything (at the start of labor it seemed like almost everything was going opposite of what was ‘ideal’ or I wanted most – my water breaking and starting at night – but by the end it was apparent that that way was so much better!).

We’ve decided to post only a few photos of her on social media, so there won’t be many on my blog. However, we are collecting email addresses to send out photos regularly, so if you’re interested in that comment here and I’ll have your email.

And the remaining bump post is done and coming soon.


4 thoughts on “She’s here!

  1. violinplaya4him says:

    Hi Kyleigh,
    Congrats! I’d love to be added to the email list to see photos of your baby girl . (I’m not sure if you remember me….we were roommates at Csehy in 2011, Aimmee was our counselor.)



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