Bump: 35 – 38

{35. I’M EATING PEANUT BUTTER AGAIN! … but bananas are a no-go except in smoothies}

{36. Both 35 & 36 weeks felt momentous and I really don’t know why… maybe because it felt close without the stress of “THIS BABY COULD COME ANY TIME.”}

{37 weeks. I LOVE LOVE LOVE how excited Ezra is and am really enjoying this stage. I think because of a mix of baby being more interactive and us being able to feel legs, etc., as well as it becoming more real that THAT’S OUR BABY IN THERE we’ve been talking to and playing with baby more and Ezra likes to sit with his hand on my belly and talk to the baby. And asks me about 10x a day if I’m having contractions yet, now that I’m term, and sends me emails from work reminding me to call if I see the baby’s head peeking out. I was having Braxton Hicks all day on Sunday, but haven’t really had any since, and I still can’t feel them unless my hand is on my belly. At my appointment I found out I’m GBS-, which was a huge relief and praise the Lord! I did not want to have to deal with antibiotics in labor or any decisions about deciding whether or not to forego them or re-test.
I’m walking for exercise and enjoying being out and about and the weather has been really nice… but I miss running. Even so, since I walk for 30-40 minutes or until I feel like I can’t go any longer because of pressure, I know as much as I’d like to run… I really can’t. And the people who say that walking will calm your baby and put them to sleep in utero? Lies. This kid moves a lot on my walks.
We took cookies to neighbors and let them know we were having a baby and apologized in advance for any noise they might hear. Overall, I’m really still very comfortable and have no pregnancy complaints except for heartburn, which is easily remedied with apple cider vinegar, and an itchy belly, which can be fixed with coconut oil or rolling down any maternity pants so the band is under my belly (next pregnancy I’m going to look harder for the under-belly panel). We’re feeling more and more prepared, especially with a good stock of newborn – 3 month clothes and both disposable and prepped cloth diapers}

{38. I’ve wanted a silhouette photo, and then on Saturday we had time to go for a walk and I took Ezra to a park I discovered and we found that it wasn’t just a tiny field but was actually part of a regional park and had lots of trails. But we were there at sunset and the lighting was perfect on top of the hill. By the way, almost all of these photos have been taken by Ezra. I’m still very comfortable physically and am eager to meet baby but also enjoying right now very much and am not impatient. Sleep is sometimes elusive but not because I’m uncomfortable. Though I will say that I sleep with an extra pillow right now and when I go back to bed after Ezra leaves for work, I nab his, too}

False alarms?
Not really, although the first day of 37 weeks I was having more Braxton Hicks than usual, although maybe it was just with being at church all day and having my hand on my belly that I could actually feel them happening. Anyway, I wasn’t feeling that great when we went to bed and woke up about an hour and a half later with a terrible back ache, hot flashes, and nausea – but no contractions. I rolled over to try to get back to sleep but a few minutes later checked the time and debated getting up. I ended up going to the bathroom and throwing up… and then realized that the stuffing from Thanksgiving hadn’t made it into the fridge soon enough since I’d forgotten it had meat in it, and we’d eaten the leftovers without heating it up enough. I was physically better immediately after I threw up, but felt pretty awful that I’d let it happen since I know better and I know it could have been a lot worse than it was.


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