Thankful List #2

– E having time off after S’s birth and then again for Thanksgiving = lots of yummy meals, time together, so much help with S (I didn’t change a diaper until she was at least 4 days old!), and special treats (like chestnuts!).

– wearing S in the Moby to go get the mail and the elderly Mexican man doing landscaping commenting on how new and little she was.

– breakfast in bed

– beautiful thoughts & reminders in “Because He Loves Me” (Elyse Fitzpatrick)

– meals, prayers, & help from our church family (seriously amazing. We love this little church!).

– baby noises, toes, and dimples

– E not having work the next day and being able to help more during the night when S has reflux and won’t sleep.

– Tim Hawkins & Hogan’s Heroes

– second Thanksgiving with friends from church

And since it’s after Thanksgiving, here’s some Christmas music from our favorite a Capella group (NO, not Pentatonix…).


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