We started November with an early Thanksgiving celebration at our place with some of Ezra’s co-workers. It was lots of fun and we enjoyed hosting, although were glad for the food others brought, too!



And what do you do with leftover gravy but make biscuits to eat with it?

We’d taken head shots for silhouettes over a year ago, but they hadn’t really turned out right, so when we went for a sunset walk and were taking pregnancy silhouettes, we decided to re-take ours so I could finish!

Lots of reedmaking to practice for my lessons

I was having trouble staying on track with all of the daily things I needed to do and eat so I made myself a checklist and it helped a lot.


We took cookies to neighbors to apologize in advance for any baby noise.

At the grocery store getting last minute items after my water broke.

Obviously the big thing in November was S’s birth, which I’ll blog more about in the near future. She’s now 18 days old and almost everything is going well. She has reflux so sleeping can be a challenge, but otherwise is a happy, healthy, easy baby that LOVES to eat and cuddle.
I’m healing well and am glad to finally be able to start doing more the more I heal!
We’re still learning a lot and quickly, but are starting to feel more confident and on top of things. We’ve been so spoiled with all of Ezra’s time off and help from church.

We all went to church on the 30th, and to a friend’s for a second Thanksgiving. It’s so nice to get out and see friends and go places other than appointments!
While Ezra was off, we were mostly doing baby stuff, but also listening to lots of sermons together and enjoying having so much time together.

favorite recipes// garlic spaghetti squash // quick pizza crust – when there’s no time to let dough fully rise // red lentil soup with sage and bacon // Reubens with this dressing

best of online//  Abusing the Poor {sermon by John MacArthur}

reading of late// Because He Loves Me {Elyse Fitzpatrick}

what brings joy// baby breathing // the smell of newborn heads // chestnuts, flowers, butternut soup, and coconut oil chocolate = treats from E


2 thoughts on “November

  1. homeschooledlady says:

    Could you give me the recipe for the sugar coated ginger cookies? At least that is what I think it is. Also the picture below it – whatever that is. I can’t tell. 🙂


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