2014 Highlights & 2015 Hopes

moving from Dubai


{truly one of the best weeks of our lives}

honeymoon in La Paz

Isaac and Michelle being nearby for a few months

meeting Michael Card


Road tripping & traveling – meeting so many of each other’s friends and spending time with family

Getting a new niece AND nephew!


moving again!

dates with Ezra, the “best” of which was when we went to The Great Divorce

oboe lessons & birth class

Thanksgiving at our place

so many appointments!

welcoming Miss Munchkin

some things I hope to do
Nourishing Traditions: soak, ferment, whole, broth
publish an eBook
52 project: photo a week
Bible reading plan
get together more with ladies from church
meditate on the glories of Christ and of heaven (the practical side of the resolution to not fear)
MOVE back across the ocean & sort through/get rid of stuff before we go
cook through (or more through) Jerusalem
work on reeds… if time allows
possibly learn to draw some again

I know it’s going to be a crazy year so I want to keep my focus in the right place, of people over doing things, and even more, of being with God over doing things.


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