3 months

Miss Munchkin is 3 months old! They’ve gone by so fast, especially when I think about my expectations before she was born about when I’d be playing oboe again (I surprised myself and played twice before she was a month, but haven’t touched it since, and  those two times were for a memorial service).

She weighed 11 pounds 9 ounces on the 3rd, so should be over 12 pounds now, and is outgrowing 0-3 month clothes, even in disposable diapers, which she rarely wears any more. As I write this we’re in the midst of her 3 month growth spurt (evidenced by the fact that she’s been eating for close to two hours now).

I am physically feeling pretty normal, which is wonderful after what felt like a long recovery with stitches, mild mastitis, a cold… every time I started feeling good again something popped up. Still tired, but I take one nap with S most days, which helps.
I took her to the zoo with friends from church, and we’ve been on long walks a number of times as a family and also with friends. She enjoys the world too much to sleep in the stroller, even after an hour of movement.

Naps continue to be a struggle, but they are longer and more consistent now and she’ll sometimes do a full nap in the swing from being put down wide awake. Night sleep is still increasing back to the 6 hour stretch we were getting close to before I had mastitis and was waking her every 3 hours to eat. Reflux has made sleep difficult and made us rely on props we were hoping to avoid. which has made sleep (and thus life) rather hard. Thankfully her nights are pretty laid back, even if her stretches of sleep are shorter than they were.

But the times in between naps are getting more and more fun! She tolerates tummy time but has yet to roll over either way. She chews on her hands constantly when she’s not swaddled – unfortunately it stimulates rather than  calms her at this point – and is partial to her thumb and pointer finger at the same time, unless she tries to shove more fingers in there.

She loves to talk, and if I leave her on her own to go do anything she immediately begins talking to call me back.

And when we look at her, she often breaks into a huge smile and gets really bashful.

Some random thoughts on the first three months:

– BEST ADVICE: remember it’s all new, foreign, and uncomfortable for her, too. Used to the womb.
– What I wish I’d known most: baby won’t really be “awake” until a month. And day time sleep is harder than night sleep.
– your diet is now MORE important than when you were pregnant.
– think of small, short projects that don’t use energy so you can feel productive and useful without wearing yourself out – write some emails, sort photos, write your birth story, make some meal plans…
– There will be a learning curve. You won’t always do a load of laundry a day because you’re out of swaddle blankets because you used them to keep baby warm when you changed her diaper. And you’ll realize that she doesn’t hate the crib but hates sleeping on her back.
– you may not be as miserable in the early days postpartum as you think you might be!
– It’s not guaranteed to get easier at 6 weeks… if anything the second six weeks were much harder… but better in little ways as she interacted more. Keep logs to give you hope – most annoyances or problems are over so fast!
– “mama bear moments” – my mom reminded me that the instinct is there for a reason, but that it still doesn’t mean we give into fear. And one of the midwives reminded me not to worry about things I have no control over but to do what I can in places I can. So helpful
– love is a choice not to think certain things or be impatient


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