After I moved to the US but before I was pregnant, I had a lot of digestive discomfort. I was about to cut wheat out of my diet when I suddenly felt better (I was pregnant). But right after S was born, it came back, and S has reflux and sometimes is really gassy (both of which I know are pretty normal, but they both interfered with her sleep a lot). I was interested in GAPS but didn’t want to risk even the full diet while breastfeeding because of die-off, so I decided to try whole30 instead, breaking the no-snacking rule, adding white potatoes per the new rules, and planning to add in lentils if I felt I wasn’t getting enough. I was already off of dairy since that seemed to bother S, so it wasn’t a huge transition.
I know there were times I had natural sweeteners, but it was minuscule amounts in Worcestershire sauce or a marinade, and I wasn’t doing it to break sugar habits anyway. But the rule about not making whole30 desserts was much needed for me, I think.

Perhaps I should have waited till fewer variables – for example, I got sick more than usual, but have no idea if it was from diet or sleepless nights.

It was good cooking challenge to learn new things, especially using cocoa as savory.

I’m doing reintroduction now, sticking with foods in their natural format (ie, not pasta). If a group gives me trouble, I’ll probably experiment later by trying only lentils, then only peanuts, etc – if legumes are the issue. I already know I need to limit nuts, which is hard as they’re so portable.

What I ate, for those interested:

day 1. breakfast – 3 eggs with 1 c greens and 6 olives. watermelon and grapes, nuts – after church. sweet potato with coconut oil and mustard salmon for dinner.

day 2. monkey salad for breakfast. salad, half a sweet potato and half an avocado for lunch. Dinner was broccoli soup with white potatoes.

day 3. monkey salad and a hard boiled egg. Lunch 1 – chili. Lunch 2 – cup of frozen peas, 1/2 avocado. Pre-dinner – 1/2 sweet potato. Dinner – leftover soup and potatoes.

day 4. monkey salad (I actually really like this stuff!) + hard boiled egg. salad greens, 1/2 avocado, hb egg, 1/2 sweet potato, leftover salmon. chili for dinner.

day 5. monkey salad. Can’t remember what I ate for lunch! Dinner was crockpot chicken and a big salad.

day 6. monkey salad. cup of frozen peas. hard boiled egg. sweet potato + 1/2 avocado + pecans + coconut oil. leftover chicken and potatoes, dates as snack before bed, apple spice kombucha.
First “symptom” that goes with the timeline: I was ready for bed at 8 even after taking 2 naps with S. My milk supply is over the top. And I was worried about it dropping…

day 7. almond dutch baby, 1/2 grapefruit. Frozen peas, 1/2 grapefruit. Thai beef stew.

day 8. smoothie, egg. cashew cheese with nut/seed crackers, fruit (at church). Salsa verde chicken on salad, pomegranate.

day 9. egg, almonds, and a grapefruit. Leftover chicken, white potatoes, and sweet potatoes. Leftover stew. Then I got ravenous before bed and downed 1/2 sweet potato, 1/2 avocado, and 1/2 can coconut milk.

day 10. monkey salad. thai beef stew, frozen peas. sweet potato breakfast “hash.” Broccoli gives S gas from 4-6 am no matter what time I eat it.

day 11. monkey salad. sweet potato hash. tuna + salad greens + hard boiled eggs + mustard + avocado. Feeling like digestion may be improving some.

day 12. baked pears with cranberries, lemon zest, pecans, coconut oil, and coconut milk. frozen peas. roasted rosemary cauliflower tossed with leftover chicken.
Milk has stabilized a little, but not much. S is definitely having her 3 month growth spurt. And cravings are right on time with the timeline. I just want some toast slathered with butter.

day 13. monkey salad, blueberries, egg, chai coconut gummies. leftover hash, frozen peas, tomato, apple with almond butter. sweet potato.

day 14. monkey salad. beet salad. salad and teriyaki pork.

day 15.  monkey salad and chai gummies. snack lunch – mostly grapes and nuts. Leftover beet salad.

day 16. monkey salad and an egg. sweet potato, frozen peas, egg, 1/2 avocado, apple with almond butter. Chicken mole with avocado and 1/2 sweet potato.

day 17. monkey salad, minus coconut, plus raisins and coconut milk. creamy sausage soup. leftover mole.
Still having some digestive issues… maybe it’s too many nuts?

day 18. egg tortilla. big salad with chicken. leftover soup.

day 19. monkey salad. sweet potato and pear. leftover mole.

day 20. monkey salad. leftover soup. salmon with sweet potatoes, blood oranges, grilled zucchini.

day 21. monkey salad. leftover mole with avocado. leftover salmon with sweet potato. dates, olives, and carrot

day 22. egg tortilla, kombucha. nuts. soup, salad, fruit at church. cashew cheese and carrots, frozen peas, tomato, sweet potato with coconut oil, avocado, and pecans.

day 23. gummies, banana, coconut, almonds, and raisins. cashew cheese with fermented carrots, sweet potato. sweet potato sliders. salad.

day 24. banana with almond butter. eggs over easy on spinach, with chopped garlic and sauerkraut. Chicken Mole, same as before (Ezra was gone for all of the first time).

day 25. banana with almond butter. leftover mole, 1/2 sweet potato. Tomato with cashew cheese.  Carrot garlic soup and cocoa roasted cauliflower. 

day 26. smoothie with bananas, cocoa, coconut oil, strawberries, chia, kefir, spinach, and gelatin. 2 eggs. Frozen peas. leftover soup, cauliflower, and 1/2 sweet potato. butternut squash “lasagna” – I baked it first and so it didn’t slice well, but “ain’t nobody got time for” slicing a raw squash. So it was more like soup or pasta sauce.

day 27. eggs, sauerkraut, spinach. leftover mole for dinner and I can’t remember what in the world I ate for lunch and snacks.

day 28. two hard boiled eggs. tomato. Zucchini soup, baked potato. leftover butternut with zoodles and honeydew melon.

day 29. egg, 2 thick slices of bacon, apple  cinnamon chia bowl. apple, nuts, coconut bread. chicken sofrito, cauliflower, roasted carrots (minus feta and honey). lemon blueberry ice cream (minus syrup) <– i know that was “naughty” but it was the only dessert I had all month and I only did it because we had guests.

day 30. egg, bowl of  honeydew melon, monkey salad. Leftover butternut sauce with zoodles, 1/2 avocado with salt. 1/2 yam. Leftover zucchini soup, potato, egg, 1/2 avocado.



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