{making pie for pi day}

{3-14-15 at 9:26 – 3.1415926}

{walking while Miss Munchkin naps}

We played tourist a lot, too, trying to get our “bucket list” done before we leave this city

{sorting stuff to organize it for our move}

favorite recipes// thai grapefruit salad – minus shrimp // blackened tuna with mango salsa – minus peppers // four layer “shepherd’s pie” – I think the meat needs to be halved // coconut pecan breakfast bars – plus raisins // cookie dough // chocolate pudding pie – used only 1/2 c syrup // curry // tahini crusted fish // “mac” and cheese – used bacon // taco quinoa chili //

best of online// peel a head of garlic in 10 seconds // God Regards the Lowly // writing about characters who are smarter than you // mind the gap – about British vs American spellings – as a Dubaian this really resonated with me // Repentance and Renewal – Rosario Butterfield – so worth 45 minutes! // 1o Things Happy Moms Don’t Do // Why Sing Sad Songs When I Don’t Feel Sad? {lament} // An article about my cousin!  // overcoming anxiety (this whole sermon series is excellent)

reading of late// learning about essential oil safety // God is the Gospel – Piper // Scribbling in the Sand – Michael Card // It’s (Not That) Complicated – Botkin // The Excellent Wife – Martha Peace

thinking about// getting used to good and bad days and not basing my mood in them // perhaps He lets ISIS grow to show His power even more — praying for Pauls // she’s not irritating, I’m irritable (wisdom from another mama) // I’m a smoldering wick – letting off unloveliness – yet He does not snuff me out

what brings joy// baby laughs // “cankles” // quiet evenings of kefir, drawing, and warm laundry // the water front // Ezra home // mercy and grace // E encouraging from afar // Hannah and Ezra’s mom visiting – the company and help were a huge blessing // tickets for Nat’s wedding! // 2.5 hour naps!

Miss Munchkin// loves to roll and scoot all over the floor. One day I put her on the floor and next thing I knew she was on her tummy, no effort involved, just rolls. She’s happy as a clam all day long if she has her fingers in her mouth. She laughs sometimes and smiles often, loves company, and loves her reflection. Sleep is hit-or-miss, both naps and nights – she has 2.5 hour naps and 15 minute naps, 7.5 hour stretches at night, and 2 hour stretches at night. Reflux is a beast, so is swaddle weaning.

writing// Javi’s Cafe, 15 // Martyr


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