Whole30: Reintroduction

The Whole30 I did was successful… but the first reintroduction I did was not. I think the reintro plan falls short because of how fast it is, especially as a nursing mother. I had my concerns about that going in but was so eager to get back to eating “normal food.”

Legumes gave me a terrible reaction the first time I ate them… but I’d had 3 cups of lentils because the bean soup I was going to eat had barley in it. I tried them again later in more normal amounts and seemed fine, but I think legumes in general are just harder to digest. If I do add them back in eventually (eventually = S’s reflux being settled for more than a week), I’ll eat them in normal amounts.

Gluten free grains seemed great! But when her reflux flared and I put adding gluten on hold, I started eating gf grains and legumes regularly and started having some issues.

Dairy also seemed fine for me, but S spit up much more. And her reflux flared. But may also have been chocolate.

I’m definitely affected by sugar. Even sweeteners can make me a bit drowsy, but later insomniac.

I never got to gluten because we’ve been waiting for S’s reflux to settle down and it hasn’t (which makes me think it may not have ever been diet-related).

But when I do start reintroducing again, I’m starting at the beginning and will be eating normal amounts of each food for a week instead of a lot for a day, but will cut that week short if we’re having issues. I’ll be watching S more closely for things like eczema, too, since she had a teeny bit of mild eczema but we don’t know if a food might have triggered it.

Anyway… I don’t know if anyone was really interested by that but I thought I’d share in case a reader is considering whole30 or reintroduction.


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