{love those toes! April started out rough: food poisoning for E, swaddle weaning for S, and mastitis for me. But thankfully after that it was a very easy and enjoyable month!}

{Hot cross buns. A thought on struggling with sin during Passion week: needing to come to Him more as we think more on how He made it possible for me to come; battling sin as we remember He died for it though it was that sin that condemned Him; learning to hope not in things with S settling but in knowing Him, crucified and resurrected}

{E came home early one day with jamba juice and flowers}


{Hannah came to visit which was so wonderful. We had a great time walking, crafting, playing with S, and going to the beach}

{Hannah stayed with S one night after we put her to bed and Ezra and I went out for sushi. It was the best sushi we’ve ever had, and the chef taught us a lot about what we were eating. Above is octopus. We also had quail eggs, and a lot of more “normal” raw fish – and I actually liked it; it was that high quality!}

{Hiking. It is so good to be regularly exercising again!}

{N’oatmeal creme pies. I’m still mostly eating Whole30, but have been adding things back in again. One thing at a time, for about a week, and then cutting it out again before doing anything else. Legumes are a no-go for S (although I think lentils may be ok), but gluten free grains seem to be alright. It’s harder and harder to get enough to eat, so I’m anxious to get to the end of it and know what foods are the issue}

{she loves her Sophies}

{we wanted to pick a hymn for S and put it on a plaque for her. I plan on printing out why we chose that hymn for her as well as the meaning behind her name and putting it on the back. This is the tea-stained hymn for that}

favorite recipes// lemon berry skillet cake // pumpkin panna cotta tart // n’oatmeal creme pies // mango peach smoothie // hot cross buns // hummingbird loaf // chia seed porridge // sausage and potatoes // pesto pasta with chicken sausage // pomegranate, kale, and wild rice salad // smoky roasted chicken with chickpeas

best of online//  portraits of reactions to ISIS beheadings // a song for my 18th year {by a friend from camp who has been one of my campers the past 2 years // babywearing orchestra {this made me smile since I wear S to play at church almost every week} // Beyond the Mask movie // The Conundrum of Christian Craftsmanship // Jerusalem – CityAlight // The Best Support in Childbearing // The Faith of Sarah // The Reconciler – sermon on Genesis 44-45

Who Would Dare to Love ISIS? 
I’ve watched this a number of times, and there have been tears every time. I think part of what did it was the Arabic at the bottom. I can read it and understand some of it. And it is yet again a reminder to me of how much I love Arab culture and how much it is a part of me and how much I love these people. And so it cuts deeply to see them slaughtered, both my brethren and those who are not the people of the cross.
I hate what IS does. And yet I cannot hate them, because I know I should not, because they are also this Arab I love so much, and because they are in the image of God. But most of all, because there is a compassion that is not of myself. It cries what this video speaks of. It prays that there are many brethren in ISIS that are going to be rescued – it knows there are some! And it prays for Pauls to be raised up from within ISIS.
It is terrifying and terrible, but perhaps God lets ISIS grow because some great display of His power is coming.

reading of late// Keep a Quiet Heart // Finding Faith in the Dark (Short) // Tabletalk

thinking about// brought to God: the privilege, the work it took, and my response // date night isn’t just for deep stuff – it can also be just for enjoying each other’s company at the sushi counter //

what brings joy// Hannah here – fellowship, memories, and sewing // surprise from Ezra: flowers and Jamba Juice just because after a long week // hiking in the valley // midnight baby cuddles // sushi date night

Miss Munchkin// does a funny little crawl that’s a combination of butterfly, bellyflopping, and army crawl. She also eats her toes, plays with us and her toys, gives kisses, and reaches for everything. It’s so much fun to watch her learn and explore. She found the bookshelf, Ezra’s glasses, and my computer cord and is learning very quickly NOT to grab them. Her sleep is much improved now that she’s unswaddled and has learned to find her thumb.

Javi’s Cafe, 16 // Excerpt: The Christian Musician


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