6 Months

Miss Munchkin is 6 months old!

What a ride it’s been!
From an easy first week to fighting sleep and reflux, to our happy, spirited baby sleeping peacefully on her own. It’s been a roller coaster learning who she is and what motherhood is and finding a new normal that’s always morphing as she grows. Not always easy, always needing God’s help, but SO. MUCH. FUN. I can’t believe it’s been half a year.
We’re thankful that although we may have had a reflux baby, we have a happy baby, and although she didn’t sleep well for a long time, she sleeps well now and even when she didn’t, she slept through the noise of the trash truck and neighbors remodeling – and will usually stay asleep when I play oboe with her in the carrier, which I’ve done a number of times at church. It’s so nice to be playing regularly again, and also walking almost every day.

She’s met all of her aunts, uncles, grandparents, and cousins, and has been on her first airplane ride. She doesn’t sit yet but does a funny crawl that reminds us of butterfly.
Speaking of butterflies, she’s a social butterfly and makes friends with everyone everywhere we go and is always full of smiles, even for strangers. She’s pretty content to play on her own, too, and spends most of the day scooting around the house playing with her toys. She loves her Sophie giraffes, but also a giant wooden spoon, an empty bottle, and any shoes, boxes, and wheels she can find. She gives kisses to us and the baby in the mirror (who she loves ;)).

We celebrated Mothers’ Day with Ezra’s family up north, and I was thinking a lot about how my understanding of mothers’ day and all it entails is different and how much more I wanted to do something for the mothers around me and give them a break (the whole trip was my break!).

PS – it’s never too late to be added to email updates with photos – just email me. 🙂


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