May was a busy month, with lots of growing and firsts for Munchkin. And even though it was busy, it may have been the last quiet month before we move!

{finally, a neat tea cupboard!}

{we flew to Ezra’s family for his brother’s wedding}

{hiking in the Pacific Northwest – loving the cool, wet, green!}

{S loved flying, I think due to all of the people she had to play with}

{I thought I’d also share our relatively routine daily routine. We get up around 7, then she nurses (and then every 2-3 hours after), I eat breakfast, do dinner dishes and chores while she plays on the floor or watches from her high chair. I usually read and pray for a bit and read to her from her Bible, and then do any dinner prep or baking/cooking of snacks. We go for a walk, and we both nap between 10 and 10:30, until about 11:30. After we nap, I eat lunch. The rest of the day is less routine, depending on what I have to do – more reading, music, crafts, playing with S, more chores, errands if I have the car). She naps again between 2:30 and 2:45, until about 3:45. I usually read or write during that time. After her second nap we play more and then start on dinner. Depending on what time E gets home, sometimes we eat before she goes to bed, but other times we have to wait until she’s in bed. I usually start getting her ready for bed just before 6:30, then she nurses and is in bed around 7. Once she’s asleep we do family worship and any other odds and ends before we turn in around 9:30}

{back in January we finally got started on getting my wedding band. Ezra didn’t design it as a set and we had a cheap ring from Amazon we used for the ceremony, intending to go back to the jeweler for the wedding band. It took us a year, but we finally did! So now my ring has its morning glories. :)}

{we had a free Netflix subscription for a month, which was nice, but definitely not something we’d use – too dangerous!}

{I love these trees!}

{happy Saturday! Eggs by Ezra, apricots for a snack, and Jerusalem recipes for dinner!}

{baptisms at church}

{a friend had given us a cheesecake factory gift card, so we went out for appetizers and cheesecake when I was eating dairy and gluten for a brief time. I didn’t finish my cheesecake, and also thought the cheesecake wasn’t dense enough, so I froze it and ate it later and it was perfect}

{fizzy kombucha!}

{jars with pregnancy tea, mother’s milk tea, and dates for pregnant friends}

{fermentation station}


favorite recipes// chocolate nut-butter fudge // grain-free chocolate cookies // chocolate chip brownie cookies // coconut flour pancakes // cheese crackers // coleslaw // blueberry muffin larabars  {I used cashews} // greenola // curried tuna salad

best of online// 9 Things We Can Learn from the Royal Birth // Don’t Serve God // Two Days in Dubai // Amazing Grace Musical // A Good quote explained // BalletMag Hiding Place // A Mother’s Prayer

reading of late//

thinking about// finding balance with S playing on her own or watching me work, and me playing with her // more coming in a separate post…

what brings joy// purple trees // baby giggles // baby kisses // E home // E teaching at community group // Munchkin playing the door stop // planning an exciting road trip this summer // finishing major edits // the way He pursues even when we push Him away

Miss Munchkin// is sitting, crawling properly, and keeping us very entertained! One of my favorite things she does right now is when we are grocery shopping. She pushes back in the carrier and has her mouth hanging open, and doesn’t move until she gets a kiss, at which point she grins and giggles and goes back to whatever she was doing. She rode on my back for the first time when we went hiking. We had to put the last edge on the crib, converting it from a co-sleeper, because she was about to crawl onto our bed.

writing// Byblos, Lebanon, Spring 2010. // Javi’s Cafe, 17.


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