Strawberry Cheesecake Smoothie

Whole30 turned into Whole120, more or less. After the first reintro failed, I went back to eating pretty much whole30, although it was more paleo since I was including sweeteners. As S went back to normal I started trying things again, little by little. At the beginning of June, I know dairy and gluten bother her a little, but caffeine and gluten-free grains are fine for both of us. Legumes I’m not sure about still.
But I’m not a big meat eater, and although I like eggs, I get bored of them easily, and have been trying not to just eat coconut flour pancakes, etc, since it still feeds a sweet tooth, though healthily. I’m so ready to know what legumes are okay for us, and then I can even eat gluten and dairy in small bits. (Though with solids and S I have to be careful whenever we give her a new food).
Below are a few snapshots of food in the past few weeks, as well as a recipe. I have a lot of smoothies and after seeing a recipe for cheesecake bites made with cashew butter, decided to try to make a cheesecake smoothie (more of a milkshake).

{eggs a la Ezra}

{I don’t like raw cashews, so when I saw this cashew butter on clearance for $2, I was skeptical and only got one jar. But I wish I’d gotten more, because this is AMAZING}

1 c milk (coconut, almond, cow’s)
1 banana
2 graham crackers
1/4 c cashews
tbsp coconut oil
1 c strawberres

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