{a good quote, fitting for the season we’re approaching}

{love this crazy kid}

{we had a bunch of single guys + a geo bachelor over for lunch after church. Friendly debates over head coverings and the Sabbath ensued. Speaking of weekends and the Sabbath, we are by no means Sabbatarian but I did recently start trying to keep weekends simple and not do chores or go on social media on Sunday. It was so easy to plan too much since I knew Ezra would be home and could watch S if needed, but they were ending up too crazy}

{47 oz of milk for S, a negative pregnancy test, 5 quarts of smoothies + fixin’s for more, 7 quarts of soup + one in the crockpot, 2 homemade ice creams, 1 chocolate avocado pudding, and 1 coconut milk chocolate mousse, 1 phenomenal husband, and 1 amazing church… I had no excuses left and had to get my wisdom teeth out. Overall, it wasn’t bad at all, but I know a lot of that was due to the placement of my teeth, a really good surgeon, and lots of good advice. And I went fully under because otherwise they would have done two at a time and I really didn’t want to deal with shots in my mouth. And it was only a little bit more out of pocket. Movies, company, and a sense of humor also helped a lot. And Ezra. He took great care of both S and I. But oh yeah. DON’T TAKE THE NORCO UNLESS YOU HAVE TO.}

{pincer grasp and all things little…}

We also went to the county fair, which was HUGE and I realized my first time in a big, crowded place like that with S, which was a little bit scary, but we went with friends so had lots of eyes on the stroller, though S was actually held most of the time}

{7 months old}

{dates from my parents. We did a taste test to see the difference. I was amazed at how clearly different they were in texture and flavor! It was like eating different kinds of apples!}

{It’s really hard to get pictures in our bedroom, but this is it and it’s as done as it’s gonna get here. Our next place we’ll probably put S’s stuff up in her room though she won’t be there until she’s a year or so. I’m really looking forward to decorating a room for her}

{father’s day. I had Ezra’s sister draw this from a photo I had}

{hemming new pants. It is so nice to have jeans that fit, and also finally other pants, too. And I only paid $6 for 3 pairs thanks to the thrift store! It was sad, though, because one pair had ALREADY been hemmed and I still had to shorten them}


{ezra’s birthday}

{swimming – S’s first time, with friends from church. People asked us if the babies were twins. Not quite, but they’re both blonde, blue-eyed, fair-skinned fall-babies}

{finished our Christmas stockings! On June 25, haha}

{more Ottolenghi. This did turn out, I’d just already started pulling stuffed onions from the pan}

{this is life right now. Happy to play with toys, but if mama is around, must. climb. her. leg.}

{when in drought…we had a thunderstorm and our neighbors set buckets out to catch water. I would have, too, but we don’t have anything I could have used the water for, since our plants barely need watering and I had just watered them}

favorite recipes// spicy tuna cakes // baked onion rings // peach rosemary balsamic chicken // cucumber basil avocado gazpacho (summer in a bowl!) // Lebanese lentil soup (the soup of my childhood) // lentil curry bowls with cilantro cashew sauce //  coffee cake (I used cocoa+ water instead, should be cocoa+more coconut milk) // chocolate coconut granola bars // frozen whipped jello (a perfect summer dessert that’s dairy-free) // green tea ice cream

best of online// The Duggars and the Evil Outside // Elisabeth Elliot: Peaches in Paradise. Also 30 quotes // So-called Same-Sex Marriage (Piper)// Warnings from the Supreme Court // The Bible and Same-Sex Marriage (Keller) // An Open Letter to TMS Alumni (MacArthur) // Youth Chorus unites Israelis and Palestinians // quick & easy stocking // remineralizing tooth powder // tips for wisdom tooth extraction

reading of late// a book the Jehovah’s Witnesses gave us (alongside my Bible and James White debates).

what brings joy// ice cream, pudding, soup, and smoothies // simple days // garden-fresh zucchini // playing tourist // delighted babies

Miss Munchkin// is overall an easy baby, but is quite a handful! I think most of it comes from our assumption that she wouldn’t be mobile till later, but when our move date got shifted and she got mobile early (cruising already!), we’ve had to scramble to baby proof or teach her not to play with or eat things she can’t have. She is FAST, smart, and determined. She makes elephant noises, thumps her head against cupboards, shrieks, and chases echoes – she loves playing in the bathroom, courtyard, and elevator because of how they distort her voice. She also gets louder whenever anything loud is going, whether it’s the blender, vacuum, or oboe. She loves playing the piano, bone broth, and carrots, and knows what the nursing cover means. She squeals with delight when we open the door to go outside. And she has TWO teeth.

writing// Javi’s Cafe, 18. A New Mother’s Thoughts at the Wedding of her Brother-in-Law.

Also, I changed my blog design but still haven’t decided on a  photo for the header. If you can think of one from photos I’ve posted please let me know!

anything from FB and IG



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