While Away from Csehy… (+ an exciting announcement)

I was thinking about my own admonition in my last post of taking what we learned from Csehy and what we love about Csehy and applying it where we are all the time. That paired with stalking Chamberfest as Christina posts pictures led to some thoughts of some ways those of us missing Csehy (or suffering PCD after Csehy) can use those longings to be fruitful!

– encourage others who are missing Csehy! Call/email/Skype/Facebook message each other.
– pray for those at Csehy
– pray for those away from Csehy, especially people like the Pinkhams who can’t be there because of health issues.
– play and sing hymns on your own or with your family – not just in an “I miss Csehy” sort of way, but in a way that uses those hymns you miss to worship God!
– send letters or packages to friends at Csehy (there may or may not be four sitting on my ironing board right now, addressed with names and songs, waiting for goodies).
– send a note to someone from Csehy that has made a difference in your life (whether they are there currently or not) to thank them.
– host a hymn-sing or put on a concert
– whenever you miss Csehy, spend that time praying or reading God’s Word
– learn new pieces of music
– start a Bible study
– blog or share on Facebook about what God taught you at or through Csehy
– pray for people when you see  pictures of them at Csehy
– listen to the chapel messages when they’re posted online
– teach music to others
– brush up on your music theory
– find ways you can serve at church and your community, with music or without

And finally…
Read my eBook, The Christian Musician when it’s launched on August 2nd (Lord willing… there’s still a bit of editing and then formatting to do, but that’s my goal!).
From the preface:

My life as a professional musician lasted a week and a day. I am not a world-class musician; I am not even at a graduate level. But I had questions about how playing instrumental, secular music can glorify God – especially practicing for long hours. If I was going to invest so much time and effort into music, it was going to have to be worth it in eternity. When you hear recordings of yourself and all you can think about is how awful you are, then your motivation has to be greater than simply loving music. That was something I always knew. But when I was ready to give up, I began asking questions that meant taking “I play music to glorify God” from an idea to a reality.

I pray that what follows will provide encouragement and food for thought for fellow Christian musicians who are striving to make craft captive to obedience to Christ.

I will discuss the purpose of music, life lessons music teaches us, grace, pride, identity, worship, service, and the way music can speak to us in and of itself.  My focus is going to be secular, instrumental music, though I will touch on vocal and church music. While these thoughts center on musicianship, they may be applied to any pursuit requiring practice and skill, be it writing, dancing, nursing, or engineering.

…and that’s the end of my shameless plug.


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